Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas In Iraq.

Merry Christmas!

Every hope, every dream, every eye looks towards king of peace...

The essential message for Christmas; is not about decoration trees, or lights, it is not about santa claus, it is not about some sweets, it is about submitting Jesus Christ's message, telling us every year how we should forgiving, loving, sharing good & bad times with each one of us, how we should act like Jesus Christ, as a humble child; the child of peace; the child of love so, happy birthday Jesus Christ, today is a savior's day.

Many people has attened Christmas ceremonies with a good protection from government, churchs were surrounded by police men with their cars, from 2 sides & from behind too, that was a good sign for us to attened our holy mass to the end, women & children dressing santa claus clothes.

People were praying for peace into Iraq  & for love, & for a happy holydays, not just for Iraq but for all people through the world, from north to south ,from east to west.

Christmas ceremonies went well through amid of threats...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Barren Land.

Place  : Baghdad
Year : 1950

A Fashion Show At Iraqi House Fashion 1950.

Iraqi House Fashion, Is Still There?

This is one of the Iraqi House Fashion Show in 1950!
Yes, 1950, when women were abler to attend a fashion show as you see from the picture, most of the audience were women, this is a picture of a healthy country, when Iraqis were searching for sence of beauty, life & modernity.

At first look to this picture I didn't believe my eyes But , I felt sorrow how things are going on Iraq today, very frustrated with what's going here, Especially with women rights.

Let's go back live this black & white picture when Iraq was under kingdom regime, when the life was simple & when women were practicing their rights even for little part, apparently, they were practicing their right, & I can tell, when Iraq reached 1970 women had lived their golden time.

Where is the Iraqi house Fashion today? where are these shows? Can a woman attending such these places?

Iraqi House Fashion, But not anymore!
 Where are those designers for fashion clothes? where are women rights???

Where is the women's voice in new Iraq?

Where is the new Iraq? Where is the FREEDOM & the DEMOCRACY???

Where is the glory of our culture?

I think our new government had buried everything related to the beauty & arts,just like their way to close theaters & night clubs, what else do you want to close?

Do you want to close people's life? Do you want to keep us in prisons? & beat & kill women, because you feel they don't deserve life?

Day by day, Iraq becomes a "barren land", though there is rain, but no life anymore!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Christians Blood Is Flowing.

Victims of the last attack on Christians in Iraq were two brothers killed in a garage in Mosul.   They did not live in a particularly safe area of the city and wanted to move but could not afford to do so.  Now another Christian family destroyed, one of the brother's leaving behind a wife and two kids in high school, and now this family has two less men to protect and provide for them.

Christians now are divided, some are planing to leave, some wanting to stay & some moving to Kurdistan region, especially when Mr.Talabani suggested " Kurdistan is opened for Christians", of course that encourage Christians to move there.

I read in the news that Kurdistan will set up a new committe for Christians to look after their needs & offer for them a new residence & maybe new villages in Kurdistan region.

But, however, that will not solve the main problem, in my opinion, if all Christians will localize in North of Iraq, then the other area will be empty from Christians, so that means Iraq will divided to Shia in south of Iraq, Sunni in middle, Kurds, Christians & other minorities in north of Iraq, & when Iraq's divided to 3 parts, will get weak country, it is not like one unit.

Are the reasons of attacking Christians; political one more than religious one? or it is both of them?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Iraqi Markets & Iraq Through Investor's Eyes.

After 2003 Iraqi markets has changed & increased, I can tell there is a great skip between now & before 2003, When Iraq was under Saddam's regime,we had few numbers of markets; goods & food were expensive, many people were living with limited income, & imagine how much was the salary for employee? 3000 Iraqi Dinar, (on Saddam's regime, when 1 Kilo of meat was 1800 Iraqi Dinar)!!! very little for a family who has one income coming from father or husband, I remember very well, we had a flour with pieces of wood in it, Iraq has lots of money from oil while the people were hungry.

We were living "from hand to mouth", we couldn't buy fruits, or milk, or new clothes; only the rich people & Saddam's followers were living well, many people forced to buy secondhand clothes which they were used from other countries & been send to Iraq( till now we have many people getting these kind of clothes), we were tailored our clothes, which was a blessing at that time!

But after 2003, I can tell many families get a better salary, & women involved in job's field supporting her family too, markets spread, Iraqi markets has revived after a bad & hard time for most Iraqis during 1991 - 2003, internet & cell phones has reached to people & many goods has entered markets, but it's missing for good quality, some are fake goods, cheap one.

I was in markets before 2 couple days ago, & I noticed how markets filled with people & I immediately went backwards with my thoughts before 2003, when our "hearts set on" things at markets as we say, but we couldn't buy them & we should not forget that Iraq's market is opened after 2003; for many countries, & starting to deal a traded bargain for investment in Iraq, this is another good step but that will not happen unless Iraq is submitted securty so can foreign companies to invested here.

We have recieved a fill report about Iraq Through Investors’ Eyes, from one of our readers, we are thankful to her.

Perspectives on risks and rewards.

Here are some parts of the report:-

{ Investment in Iraq has been a topic that has polarised opinion over the last seven years. Discussion ranges from dramatic exhortations of the lucrative opportunities available—in a country endowed with sizeable oil, water and human resources—and expressions of extreme caution because of the security and political risks that muddy the business environment.

Iraq Through Investors’ Eyes is an Economist Intelligence Unit report that takes the debate deeper.
It lays out in detail the more nuanced views of investors that are already operating in Iraq and dealing with the realities of doing business on the ground, as well as the perceptions of others that are either weighing their options or have decided not to invest for the time being. The findings and views expressed in this report are the responsibility of the Economist Intelligence Unit, which conducted this research independently. Ali al-Saffar and Justin Alexander were the authors of the report, and Jane Kinninmont was the editor.

This is a background paper for Economist Conferences’ Iraq Business and Investment Summit, September 29th 2010, an event sponsored by the Trade Bank of Iraq, Gulf Air and Danagas.

September 2010}

{ Investor opinion about Iraq is divided…: Although 49% of respondents judge that “the ongoing
violence means doing business in Iraq will remain too risky for some time”, one-third see Iraq as “a
country with significant opportunities for those who are willing to accept risks in the short term” and
28% as “a fledgling democracy with a long-term political and economic future.”
l …but improving: Just over half – 51% - said their perceptions of Iraq as a place to do business had improved in the past two years, compared with 12% who said it had got worse }.

{ Violence, corruption and poor infrastructure are the main business risks: The top three risks are
violence, (69%), corruption (45%) and shortages of infrastructure (38%). The next three are credit
risk, bureaucracy, and a lack of contract protection }.

{ “Iraq is a difficult place to do no business. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s undergoing three simultaneous transitions: from conflict to postconflict; from a centralised economy to a free market; and from the strictest sanctions ever imposed to free trade.”

Zaab Sethna, Northern Gulf,Partners.}

A little Of Support.

Iraqi Christians who attacked in Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad had arrived France n 11/8, with one muslim guard & the French Immigration Minister Eric Besson welcomed them...
You can read more by this link:

A good step from France to help Iraqi Christians, & they will offer for them a job & they will have right for asylum after 6 months, I believe they will do after the massacre, & I heard in the news that France will recieve around 150 Iraqi Christians as refugees; pray for them; pray for Christians in Middle-East.

Pray for all people to have a peaceful life.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Angels In Heaven.

Yes, we forgive but never forget what happened in Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad.

We will not forget this date 31/10/2010, the date of massacre.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Peace, Peace Then Peace....

After this picture I don't have any word to tell, really I don't have, my eyes filled with tears...
I feel that, they were my family, I feel I lost them in this barbarian crime at Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad, I can't find any word to say...

We are calling for peace, we are calling for love into our land...

Why,Why & Why????????????????

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ring The Bells.

After the horrific tragedy of the church massacre in Baghdad, many Christians are asking, what's next? What can they do?

Many believe they should leave Iraq. But where would they go? Leaving is not easy!. They have homes, have a way of life in Iraq. Moving to another country is expensive, you sell your house, lose your culture, your heritage, everything left behind for a fresh start, yes, if you can get a visa, if you can get asylum, but what's out there for us? The whole world reels from the past two years of economic nightmare. Should the Christians expect compassion and welcome without offering something in return? Does the west owe them this, because of charity? Because they are predominately Christian too? Does this not divide the world even further along cultural/religious lines? And what about the elderly, the sick? What about the poor? Will they be welcome in western countries of peace? What if they are a burden on those countries, is that fair to them?

Christians can't just turn the page. It is becoming more and more apparent there are two paths for this people who have inhabited Iraq for the past 1500 years, and really even longer than that before they became Christian. It's either leave their homes and past for a fearful future or face what is becoming inevitable, a horrible, premature death. Not much of a choice, is it?

There were once Jews in Iraq-many people don't know that. Over 120,000 prior to 1948. They fled to Israel in the 1950's when they too were targeted by bloody violence, and as they left, they spoke to the Christians of Iraq: "Today is our day for leaving Iraq, and one day you will be forced to leave your homes too." Today there are less than 10 Jews in all of Iraq. Before the Iraq war of 2003 (Iraq has had war for over 30 years) there were an estimated 800,000-1 million Christians in Iraq. Today the UN estimates there are perhaps half that, with the rest having fled to Syria and other nations as refugees.

My prayers for the families of all those killed. Christian and Muslim alike, the victims and the security forces who lost their lives trying to save them.

Ring the bells for the fallen; ring the bells for those murdered children and women and their fathers and brothers and husbands; ring the bells for their lost hopes and dreams; ring the bells for peace in Iraq; ring the bells for all the Iraqi people who have needlessly bled and died every day for decades.

I'm filled with emotions. I am out of words...

I will finish with some sad pictures taken by a priest from inside the Church that were posted on .

Monday, November 1, 2010

What Is A Life Without Sun?

"While I was trying to find my way out, in the dark, I walked over bodies. There are many bodies there." -Christian woman, a hostage of terror.
On Sunday, Halloween for the west, Our Lady of Salvation Church, one of the largest churches in Baghdad was attacked by bloodthirsty terrorists. The US and Iraqi security forces attempted a rescue after a standoff of hours, and 52 people were killed with 60 plus wounded, many of them women and children. The murdered victims included 2 priests and several Iraqi security forces.

2 Priests who killed in the attack (Pictures from

Pictures from

Pictures from

Pictures from
You can read more about it from this link:

What message did these cowards want to deliver? What do they want from Christians? To kill them all, to force them to leave their own country? I will point out that Christians have lived in Iraq as far back as the 500's AD. is it just that Christians are easy targets? Because we don't have a militia, we don't have our private security force, that all we want is peace and love? These terrorists were Muslim, but I ask you-does such an attack really serve Allah? Does such a vicious crime reflect Islam?

Iraqi Christians want nothing more than to live side by side with Muslims, after all we're all just people.
In my community we have Muslim neighbors & we share their events, and they share ours, both the happy and sad, we exchange food at our holydays, or special occasions, each family helps to clean our street. We get along just fine. Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and the people are Iraq’s mosaic. But to live in fear is to live under darkness. What good is that? What is a life without the sun?

I heard a speech from the archbishop speaking to BBC Arabic a month ago, saying that “Middle East without Christians is like Middle East without sun” then he added “Or like a garden without flowers”!

He was answering about what will happen if all Christians leave the east, and I pray for not having that day ever, but if their holy places, their places for peaceful worship are targeted for attacks, how can the Christians stay? Can we blame them for wanting to leave? Flowers want to live, not be trampled upon. And I must confess, the sun shines much kinder in other places of the world for Christians than here in Iraq now. Better to leave on their own and set new roots than be ripped from the earth and tossed on the garbage heap. The end message of the Bishop's speech was one of love and peace, and I believe many people, many religions, all the colors of the world long for such things. Most of us want to just live our lives in peace and happiness. It is the poisonous weeds in the flowerbeds that are choking us to death.

Pope Benedict XVI denounced the "ferocious" attack on Monday and called for renewed international efforts to broker peace in the region.

I mourn for those people lost for no reason at all. I mourn for those sweet flowers, and I pray that we may come away with some good from such a horrific tragedy.

The sun still shines. But today I feel no warmth. None at all.

Jesus Christ said "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you" Matthew 5:11 & 5:12

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Little Angel.

What do you think if we have a children's world?

Well, it sounds like a crazy idea, but the fact that no one can deny that we have a little child inside ourselves, sometimes we just want to act like child, or to forget the whole adult world & just to be like child, to have the innocence of children, sincerity & enjoy the peaceful soul inside ourselves.

When I look to children I feel the peace, & feel happy inside myself, & immediately drawing a smile on my face...,
But, where is the childhood for our Iraqi children???

Children afflicted with diseases like cancer , many are suffering from bad healthcare, no good food to feed them, no good environment so they can play in & some are out off schools, some are working ...

Who is speaking for these angels? who is fighting for their rights? how many NGO have for them to support them???

Besides the absences of fun places to our children, but the war & daily events that Iraq has going through is enough to destroyed the beautiful part of human's time "the childhood".

Yesterday, I went into deep thinking about a kid who half of his face deformed I don't know if this was from incident or explosion but, whatever was, I prayed for him many times, I pray for all these angels...

Are they guilty for the wars? Are they responsible for no securty in our country?
They are victims of those who are fighting to get the richest's seat in the government!!!

Jesus Christ said about children " let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of GOD belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, any one who will not receive the kingdom of GOD like a little child will never enter it."

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mesopotamia Between Yesterday & Today!

I had the opportunity to visit the Iraqi museum in Baghdad before fallen at 2003 & it was days before the war!

And every time when I see our ancient monuments in other countries, I don't feel happy about it, but in same time I feel that they are more safe than here because I know if those were here in Iraq they would be destroyed or disappeared.

This glory for mesopotamia gave us different picture of Iraq, it isn't the picture of bombing cars, or seeing blood in streets, or "terrorism"...ect,

The first Cylinder Seals & Code or Stele of Hammurabi & the list goes on...

Iraqi's treasure in British museum/UK.
Iraqi's treasure in British museum/UK.

Iraq's treasure in Louvre Museum/ France
Iraq has a rich civilization through history, but we shouldn't stop to this point , we didn't improve it , actually we went against this direction, & why we are longing to our past & history? because we didn't give any new things to our present that is our east's problems, we can't go forward, don't get me wrong I'm not saying to forget the past, never! but, we should add something, to keep working, instead of keep looking backward!

Speaking back to our poor museum; the victim of war & ruin.
I feel lucky that I visited the Iraqi museum before war & I remember at one time ago; T.V. has showed the pictures of the museum after war, many treasures were stolen & damaged & broken.

After these events,Iraqi government has submitted a plan to get back some of those treasures, & they found about 228 piece in south of Baghdad. according to site, & many are missing till now.

Iraqi Museum/1977.
 It is another sad' paper of a big book named Iraq!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

They Are Killing The Roses!

Which words can I describe this video? painful; sad; tyranny, destruction?
Who should we blame about this horrible abuses to our Iraqies women?
Who is responsible about this crime?
Is this the " new Iraq"?

Who should we accuse about this humanity's crime? some people would say this is what America's brought for Iraq! But, let us be realistic, why we should always blame the whole world while WE (middle-eastern people) are doing the mistakes by own hands!

I have always a reaction from Arab world & no one can blame me for that, you can see from a side the man controlling the woman & abuses her, practicing the violent on her & from other side he wants from her to satisfy his "dirty desire" & "dirty pleasure"!

Here the government should take an important role to protect women & support women by giving them their rights & with NGO would aid women so they can feel they are protected & not alone in this wild & barbarian world.

Then don't get me wrong I'm not saying that western world is perfect, actually no one is perfect & the west is not a paradise, BUT the difference between west & east, even dogs & cats have rights too in west, & everyone is responsible for his choices, while our women are treated like animals!

At the end I want to say that women aren't weak, women aren't cheap, women is the source of nations...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dark Tunnel Has No Spot Light!

Excuse me people, I'm going to talk with strong words about women's issues.

I realized that violent is not only coming from men but also coming from women themselves like mother to her daughter , or sister to her sister..but the worse one is that coming from the other gender (male), the problem here in our community especially in those closed-minded societies; that woman is a piece of furniture & if she will ask for her rights they would be judge her as a bad person, that she wouldn't obey to manly societies!!!
For me I can't just obey one's orders without discussion issues, I can't accept injustice but, there are women  accepting that or they are afraid from the men, the culture used to teach us to be afraid from this & that & (female ) should say "Yes", I'm not saying that women should be stubborn & seeking for problems, NO; But the open dialogue is healthy way to solve issues with open-mind, flexible options.

When I talked to women who are just agreed with this "unfair" society; I asked them " Are you contented with this situation, with this ignoring, being second & obey men with bland eyes???"

They answered me with this words " We are living here, in middle-east, we aren't living in west countries", " this is our traditions, & if we don't be like that, the community will scratch our reputation"

I can't change their thinking way, It is like drilling on the stone!

I 'm wondering till when our women will stay thinking like that? till when we will wait the answer for our rights from men? till when we will say "Yes" & we don't have right to say "No"?
Till when we will be smashed?

I don't want to be pessimistic but it will be far away as the sky far away from the earth as long as we have people with close-minded, narrow mentality, violent with different shapes, abuses & now it is going inside the females themselves.

In Christianity is little better than Muslims's community here (in middle-east) but I must admit, we all are living in one circle under society's mercy & odd traditions's laws.

What is in people's mind,it is in their minds & I can't changing it even after 20 years.

My sorrow for our women, my sorrow for our rights here, my sorrow for our future here.
Women will stay second after men for years here & I don't see a spot light in this dark tunnel!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Winter At Doors!

Today is going slowly & weather make me sleepy & little depressed, it is cloudy with autumn smell, this time of year the weather started to change as always, & this changing weather brings to us dust with it, & we should do some really hard housework to welcome winter, though we don't have that cold winter; it is only for 4-5 months & most people likes winter because it is much better than our summer & women likes winter more, because of season's clothes like ( winter's skirts, boots & scarf..ect), & we don't have to use electricity that much like summer, we can wrap into blankets if it gets too cold, but, then winter has its issues with hating water for taking shower because of the power decrease. oil & gas prices get high, while we are the country of oil.

Our daily life ends with sunset, long night's hours, nothing impressed me on T.V. we don't go outside home that often, as I mentioned before in my posts about the reasons like securty & reputation, & past couple weeks I was very busy with this changing weathe, cleaning house, from top to bottom like cleaning fans, lights, windows & walls, autumn cleaning is intense because the dust & this mission like a nightmare for us, it means "working like a dog!" then we usually covered the ground of the house with rugs to warm our rooms, living room or carpet in the kitchen too & feel the sense of winter, & we appreciated rain very much (though streets & walks way will cover with mud) because humidity is very low, I got a new umbrella last year, but really I didn't use it, hopefully this year or somewhere has lots of rain!

What about snow? Well, in north of Iraq; snow is part of north's winter & it is obvious on the mountains, snow in other areas in Iraq; is rare event.

But, in January & February it gets chilly & we can notice a layer of ice, very thin layer, on the roads & streets, however, hopefully this year we will have a snow & will enjoy our winter without problems.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wake Up Christians!!!

I read about "atheists actually know more than Protestants and Catholics" in U.S.

This article shocked & make me sad, & I don't know if this because of too much freedom or technology or kind of political system to destroy our Christianity, & I don't know who is responsible here, people or priests or churches???

Are you following faith with blind mind???
- I believe most people do that, & most them, "OK, I have faith, why should I read Bible, I'm enough, that's it", do you think Jesus taught us to be blind? & how can you have faith without knowledge about everything in Bible? how can you believe without knowing Bible?

The horrible thing when we think that religion should be second or margin matter in our life, While we are racing to know the bad stuff & silly one in our daily life.

Read more in this link:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sad Day.

Yesterday, was a sad day for me,  a memorial day about my aunt, we call it 40, because it is 40 days after person's death date. We went to church for a special mass on her soul, then we went to visit her grave, there was alot of emotions & tears.

For me, I wanted not to cry, because I believe; this is our end at all, no one will live forever & as a believer this is GOD's willing & we should accept it. But, really I couldn't imprison my tears, I just let them go out, especially when the priest was hymning a prayer's words on her soul, I felt that my heart wanted to cry not just only my eyes!

Then after visiting her grave, on the old church, I did some tour on other graves, I looked around me & saw there were no enough places, each grave is too close to the next one, I amazed how many people were died through these years,Christians in Iraq becomes like a hard currency!

So, I was trying to read about those dead people & some of graves were very old, even I can't read their names & pictures were deleted because of the weather, & no one really care about them, clean them or renew the names, like bold it.

There isn't any green area, or some trees or flowers, the cemetery needs some care, it is the only thing that we can do to respect our deads, it is just desert with a poor gard's family live there, nothing more.

It was a big day by all meanings, we welcomed people who wanted to comfort & console us at church's hall.

Most of those who came to console us having some special one who passed away by terrorist or illness like cancer which became very common here just like flu; most them having their own story to tell, I was thinking if we were going to write a book about Christians in Iraq after 2003 we will never complete it or reach the end, because of how much stories we have from those families, like a story of a family lost her only son in 2005 by terrorist, they wanted to kidnap him while he was driving his car in substreet but he resisted them, he pulled their mask, they killed him right away, by lunging him a knife through his body & cut off his head!!! (he was civil engineer got master degree & engaged to get marry), his mother was barely can walk just to share others sadness or calamity, many like her do that to relieve their selves & feelings.

This is just one story of thousands of Christian's families stories in Iraq, we don't hate the other, we don't hurt the other, we don't say bad things to other, we are as always PEACE MAKER as Jesus taught us to be, we accept the other, we don't cross our lines, we don't curse in our prayers, we love all people in whole the world even the bad people, we pray for all, we forgive to those how hurt us we don't get revenge by sword, we don't kill by religion name, we don't satisfy one's thirst for revenge.

We believed in humanity for everyone, to anyone in this world (women, men, child, old people, good/bad, any ethnic, any belief) has their own rights to pray, to practice their religion in their own way without fears, without afraid of going to thier holy places to worship GOD. without thinking to be killed by others!

Can others take our lives, but not our values, not our virtue, not our freedom.
          " الحقوق تنتزع ولاتؤخذ  "
" Rights can be pulled out but it can't be taken"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reality Of Education.

It is autum & schools will start next week & students preparing for the new studying year, from the uniform clothes to notebook & sticker's names & their families get busy with them buying school's bags, pencils...ect, starting to be ready for their studying year. but, does schools ready to welcome our students?

Recently in Iraq, we are getting to see schools from muds!!! Yes, from muds, you may not believe me, but in country of oil, we have schools from muds not only that but even from straw too!!!
A school from straw in Al'amara (South of Iraq)!
What is going on with our ministery of education? Are our kids responsible for other's mistakes??? adult's mistakes?? or we don't have enough money to build new schools?

Teacher ringing the bell.
Our students need a healthy building to study in? simple schools for our students just simple one, we don't ask for fancy building just rooms with ceiling with good utilities, that will be enough, aren't they deserve that?

Then, why there are many students in one classroom like 30student? & you can see from pictures, students studying on the ground, no enough chairs for them while Iraq spending millions of dollars every year, where it goes??

Can anyone tell me how they will study in winter inside muds schools??

Doesn't that causes diseases & illness between students? 36 student in one classroom??

Another problem with schools's distribution, in some area like rural ,there are few numbers of schools & some are far away from student's houses.

In another part, there are new schools which closed , because the number of teachers is very low can't coverage the schools, it is a big messy in Iraq with a chain problems related to education's system.

If we need to spread education in Iraq & the new technology first we should offer schools for those kids.

Then solving that issue will lead to solve this one "streets's children" , I'm sure there are many of those kids out of schools in every city in Iraq maybe except Kurdestan,this phenomenon becoming a prevalent view in every corner in the streets or at traffics, like beggar asking for money or selling chewing gum or some tissues in summer & winter BUT their places should be at schools & at least get the high school certificate, by this we can raise our education's level & erased illiterate between people.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Women In First Place.

I found this article is interesting about women in U.S. & how women in the Generation Y (22-30 yrs old) are making 8% more salary than men on average in 47 of 50 states.

Someone had asked me this question:

Do you think that is even possible in Middle-East???

Or at least let our women get jobs first then make salary more than men!
This link shows how women have rights in west, & not just talks or good speeches but, getting it real.

We have potential power & abilities & we can't make it real, to where our cultures & people's education will lead us???

By the way, the big number of non -educated people is in middle east, Why? & most of them are females,Why?

Read more in this link :

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Have Something To Say!

"Always tell what you feel & do what you think"
I have been at house for 5 days! , It was Muslim's Eid ( Happy Eid ) & I didn't go for shopping for more than 1 month & half ! , I feel like I'm living in another planet!
But, the good thing is, I have some work to do, so it keeps me busy most of the time which is good since we don't have any place to spend our time.

I woke up today with many thoughts & concepts about life in my head, I just dreamed about my aunt but, really I don't know if that related to my dream or not; some of these concepts are:

-What should I do to feel better about any bad events that I had lived or seen?
-What is the meaning of new life? forgetting the past, deleting it or just fix the mistakes of current moments?
-What is our messages as human being to the world?
-Do you think our people in all the world acting their humanity in best way? if they do then why we have poverty, wars, all kind of crimes & extortion for human rights & women rights?

I think I'm reaching to point, to find answers about everything even those tiny small silly things!
But, why? shouldn't I enjoy life & live to the fullest moment without worrying about this & that?
Does that mean I should live with blind mind?

Am I having psychological warfare with  my thoughts & concepts & I don't know???

Monday, September 13, 2010

Between Lines...

 Last post, had an impact on me, the reality of our women's life & thier destiny...

Can women like 4 or 5 women living together supporting each other here alone in same house for example?

Women here lives with their parents till they get married, it is very different than west, in west women can live alone, even one of them lives in her apartment from 18 years old as we know.

But do you think western way support women & their future? Or in east women are taking action towards their parents even if they are not married, spending their life to help their parents.

I don't try to say this is better than that. but, let's discuss this issue it's sort of mixing thoughts, ideologies; getting outside home for women mean new life, new page in her life; Do you think women with open freedom can lose their personal respecting?

Or that related to her own morals & what she wants as a woman?

Or women should be controlled by men & women obeyed them?

The interesting thing there are no women living alone here I don't know in other middle east countries, because if they do, Our society & culture will never mercy them, will attack their reputation though they have great morals as we say here "people will talk"!!!

Sometimes, I feel people's power more than religion's & moral's power, but people will talk even if you are angel,Why they have such a strong control into our lives?

Or we should be behind walls because of who we are; eastern women?
Do you think western women are more independence than eastern women?

Then, is it the right way to live alone without family? without parents? without someone shows you the right direction in your life or at least give you some advises?

My thoughts are leading me to another question, do we need to live alone to learn how to be individual & independence women, deciding, choosing & standing in front of the walls not behind them?

We don't want to live as a shadow because of culture barriers, I think many many women here live like that behind the wall, maybe it's the fear or men's power or weakness in their personality.

I must admit, It will take a long time to get our rights & it needs great efforts but, if we don't help ourselves no one will help us!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Iraqi Women With Iraq's Decades Of Conflict!

I read an article about Iraqi women over 30s not married & how Iraq's war & conflicts had a great impact on women & their future, their own life, as I mentioned before about culture; how captured women's spaces, & there relationships outside house if there is a relationship really, & how the culture is "narrow minded" by all means, I'm not saying that from my point of view only, but this is all women's point of view even men know this fact, how she can married if she didn't meet someone? Or first  is there someone so she can meet & marry him?

Well, obviously there are many reasons beyond  that, family, men, money, Iraq's situation besides traditions...
You can read more in this link:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Dream Island...

It is 12:19 am here, in Iraq & I really tired & barely can open my eyes after a long day, sunny & warm day just like every day in this burning summer, we have generator power now, I feel bored today..

Sometimes, I just want to live in island a way from  whole world, a way from here, people, horrible pictures, death stories, just forgetting everything in moments, get lost in my dreams, finding peace in my fantasy world & no one will ask about my passport, I'm travelling through my thoughts, searching for white pages to draw my dreams on...picturing some beautiful images in my mind, but then it will not be for more than 10 minutes or so,I turn around me & listen to the noise that coming from outside by police's cars riding fast & shouting "Staying a way from the road!!!", my beautiful pictures fell & disappeared & here I'm, in the same position!

Happiness for some people is to get money, or get new things, buying new stuff, changing their living place to bigger one, or having jobs or get married but, for Iraqis to have some peace;  when they put their heads on their pillows & fall asleep not to worry about tomorrow, or what will happen? It will get better or worse?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baghdad, Adjured For Bright Morning!

n past when we decided to spend summer vacation, we usually as a members of small family, voted to go to Baghdad because; it is the Capital most beautiful place in Iraq has electricity 24 hours, has some good places that we had liked to go,That was in Saddam's regime, Iraq was limited by Baghdad & his own city only (Tikret); the rest Iraqi cities were neglected;  then after 2003 we waited to breathe the freedom, for new honest Iraqis leaders to rebuild the new Iraq, new future, new life, waited for a new chapter for our country, but we faced many problems , terrorism is on the head of this list, absence of rules & laws, buildings arson, water pipes damaged, electricity wires were burning, we were drowning into deep darkness, then we had the first election in 2005, & we kept dealing with same issues, then the second election in 2010 & what has done throw these 7 years, did they fix our power issue? did they fix our water issue? did they solve the security issue? those who are unemployed? did they solved the medical system? did they fix accommodation for poor people?
Do you know there is a quarter in Baghdad called (Hey Al-Tank), where houses made by tins plates & people lived in, imagine how can they live there in winter & summer???
Is this new Baghdad?
What about the garbage everywhere, did they fix it???

Kids playing with garbage!
Do you know how we get water in our house, not just by water's motor only but we use a pump too to get water & I believe most Iraqi families have it to get water, is this new facilitation for Iraqis???
We are in 2010 but living in 1940!

According to Kurdistan region (north of Iraq) has grown a lot since 1991 when they separated & has their independence from Baghdad control, of course they suffered, had issues between tow biggest parties, their was a civil war inside, but at the end they realized that will not help them to live a good life or solve their issues, with each other after Saddam’s attacking them in many differences crimes one of them was Halabja . They started to take actions, responsibilities of their own lands, spend money to develop their services, utilities, dealing with foreign companies, for rebuilding & investments, achieved such good  projects. 

One of the most popular mall in Erbil.
 I can tell Erbil is growing fast especially those last 5 years, & with new technology with higher specifications through world, you can see different race from all people, European, middle east & Arab people too, Erbil now opened to the world & we don’t forget there are many NGO  &  UN offices , all that helps it to be in the first place in my opinion.

Erbil is part of Iraq where Baghdad is but, when I go to Erbil, the first words went out from my mouth “Wow, we must be somewhere else not in Iraq”!!!

Not just  new buildings that amazed me only but, people who lived their, feeling responsible about Erbil's beauty & how they followed rules & working together to get it better & better...

Erbil airport.
The sense of new Architectural buildings & Urban-design, street's paved & you can see alot of green areas, clean streets,where is that in Baghdad? We see garbage everywhere, not just Baghdad, other cities too.  7 years after 2003 & billions of US and Iraqi dollars spent and no "visible improvement" at least the basic one like electricity & water issues, adding it the education issues, cultural one & the biggest one security problem. & I think there is a huge gap inside our security system, why they couldn’t protect these structures from terrorism?
The fundamental security system in our government is suffering & should heals this leak .

So, if we are comparing Erbil with Baghdad, Yes we had a damaged war that destroyed Baghdad’s landmark & elevation, but then what? Should we stop on that & be sorry for what happen? What happen is happened, we can’t just sit & feel sorrow to what happened!

Last event in Al-Rashed street in Baghdad.
Erbil & Baghdad now, two different pictures in same country. Very different faces about Iraq, one has developed very fast, expanded with new projects & one is laying down under corruption & politicians chairs fighting. 

Who should blame about that? people who went to give their votes for those leaders?? Or blame leaders for their lies on us?? Or blame US. government for this war? Or blame Saddam in his grave about what we gained from his political system & how he drawn Iraq to this situation? & till when we will keep blame this or that?

We should move on & fix our issues, by ourselves first,& stop blaming that will not fix water or power issues, will not keep us safe, we should really get plans, educated people by media, T.V, NGO & volunteers.
Government should get busy, leaders should work together forgetting their inner issues, think about what people need.

But, who will listen? Do they really care & listen to the people??? Do they see where is Baghdad now???
I wounder till when we will see Baghdad raised again!

Notice: I changed the title from "Baghdad, Where Are You?" to "Baghdad, Adjured For Bright Morning!"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Culture Or New Future?

It is 1st of September & I got sad, I feel depressed, my destiny is still unknown, my future unclear though I'm drawing smile on my face, you will ask why? I feel we are living same scenario everyday; today same as yesterday, nothing better, no future, no working on real steps, we are living in torture, trying to help others but no one really help us back, we are dying in our own place & some says why you are thinking of leaving? what will you find in other countries? you will have no jobs there, culture will be different, life & people be different too than here, you are here better than there , at least it is your own country!

I have heard such these things over & over & I want to tell those who are thinking like that, what is the benefit from being here without getting our rights, our right to choose?
What is the benefit from living with people acting like wolves?
What is the benefit from living here & actually I don't feel I belong here?why? because I don't have rights to select what I want? what future I want? what dreams I want to achieve?
What is the benefit of being here with no human rights? no women rights?
Where is our REAL life? what have done to be just like others in their countries?
They think it will be hard there so, Isn't it hard here? with our worries, bombing cars, killing & kidnapping people?

I believe humans have rights & this is who I am first and I am Iraqi second.
We should treat other people by humanity in first place.
I respect what others believe, their cultures, societies but I will take what is good for my believes & traditions.
This is what they call to be "open minded", always we live in close boxes never accept others, even don't listen to them, I learned to "Think outside the box!".

I'm tired of living in fears, fears from tomorrow, from others re-actions on this & that. I'm tired of living in fear's tornado, killing me, killing my personalty, limiting my abilities, capturing my plans to go forward.
We are raised to do something in our life, give a good message, It is a crime to be in prison; it is a self prison, very hard to explain, but; it is inside me, if it was a man I would fight him, but it's me!

 I am fighting with me?? challenge myself??

We are not born to be weak, GOD isn't weak to create us weak too, he gave us brain to think, to choose.
So, why I feel that way? Is it the guilty feeling? Or what?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Marriage & Gold...

As an eastern culture, most of us like to have some pieces of gold, but in marriage it is another story. Some families still asking for too much gold from the groom or groom’s family like a main condition to marry their daughter, some say this is common to save their daughter’s future if husband abounded her, or died, they think it will keep her save, but till when?

Here is the issue, in past in general women were staying at home, and raising children, cooking, cleaning & all housework stuff, these old families were thinking like that way, because their daughters had no jobs, but world has changed & women got to know they have rights secured their future before & after marriage, gold can’t be like “life insurance” & here is the problem in our societies, living without insurance!

In Islam, gold for women like her shelter when things get worse, it is her own money even if she is working or not, I know many Muslims women asking for a good amount of gold before marriage from their husband. In Christians families to be fear some of these families are asking for too much gold & other contenting what groom’s will pay for gold, his ability how much gold could buy for his bride.

I think, recently this gold issue becoming an obstacle for those who wants to settle down & marry, because of bride’s families conditions according to gold & by the way; isn’t just gold condition, some families asking for house not apartment or car for their daughter.

And we should think about those poor families, who they can’t pay for high prices things like gold.

It is Okay to have gold, but too much of it will be risky too; people may know about it & many cases happened, they got to the house killed wife, stole gold because they watched the woman when she was wearing her gold outside house.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Daily Doldrums.

Day amid the humdrum of the usual workday a friend came to my office and we visited. She is a single mother of three, having lost her husband to the violent aftermath of the US invasion. Don't get me wrong, I don't know anyone who isn't happy that Saddam is gone but there was a lot of terror and murder and destruction in the years afterwards that took many, many lives. Yes, I don't know anyone who wishes Saddam was still in power. But I also don't know anyone who hasn't felt the loss of loved ones and heart wrenching tragedy.

So we chatted for a while, mostly about how boring life in Iraq is. As I've written before, there's a total lack of entertainment and the difficulties women face in just going out for lunch together. So I'm considering a second job for lack of anything else to do. I'm very fortunate that in my field I can find work, as many in Iraq can't. All these projects, all the millions of dollars, both American and Iraqi, and we can't seem to find enough work for everyone. Where is all that money going? Certainly not to fix our electrical system-we're lucky to get 6 hours a day, and that's sporadic, maybe fifteen minutes here, maybe an hour there. How do you plan a life around that?

Iraq has known war after war after war. Before Saddam we couldn't speak out, had no voice, then with Saddam we had war with Iran, with Kuwait, then the US. I've known war my whole life. After 2003 we had such high hopes for change, for freedom, for rebuilding Iraq after Saddam and war and the sanctions destroyed her, and now we have a voice, we can speak out against the government, but what good does it do? Where are the great benefits of democracy, of freedom? Some say blame the Americans, but even if they're to blame, don't we, Iraqis, ultimately own Iraq? America didn't take over forever, they're leaving, will fully leave next year if we so choose. So who is responsible for Iraq, in the end? We are. And we are not doing a very good job. We can't even get our government to work. Elections were back in March and we still don't have a functioning government.

As anyone in the Middle East knows, bureaucracy is the real king, and not having a government in place doesn't let the king do his job. Nothing is getting done, no power, water problems, no jobs, our education system is still in the 1980's. America threw money at us and the greedy and corrupt among us just took it, put it in their bank accounts in Switzerland. Are these the Iraqis we want leading us into the future? Where are the good Iraqi leaders? Are there any left? So many decent, intelligent people fled with the war and violence. Who is left who can lead us to victory?

So another boring day in Iraq, awaiting change. They tell me I have a voice, but I can't do anything with it. Some say it will take a generation, if not two to get Iraq rebuilt, modernized. I think they're probably right.
But that doesn't mean I want to wait for it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Iraqis worries.

I really like these pictures; they are transferring our worries & issues with sarcasm way...

Women situation in Iraq.

Electricity crisis!

Salary & job!

Payment at end of the month!!!


Poverty & high prices!

I think pictures talk enough about our issues...