Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sad Day.

Yesterday, was a sad day for me,  a memorial day about my aunt, we call it 40, because it is 40 days after person's death date. We went to church for a special mass on her soul, then we went to visit her grave, there was alot of emotions & tears.

For me, I wanted not to cry, because I believe; this is our end at all, no one will live forever & as a believer this is GOD's willing & we should accept it. But, really I couldn't imprison my tears, I just let them go out, especially when the priest was hymning a prayer's words on her soul, I felt that my heart wanted to cry not just only my eyes!

Then after visiting her grave, on the old church, I did some tour on other graves, I looked around me & saw there were no enough places, each grave is too close to the next one, I amazed how many people were died through these years,Christians in Iraq becomes like a hard currency!

So, I was trying to read about those dead people & some of graves were very old, even I can't read their names & pictures were deleted because of the weather, & no one really care about them, clean them or renew the names, like bold it.

There isn't any green area, or some trees or flowers, the cemetery needs some care, it is the only thing that we can do to respect our deads, it is just desert with a poor gard's family live there, nothing more.

It was a big day by all meanings, we welcomed people who wanted to comfort & console us at church's hall.

Most of those who came to console us having some special one who passed away by terrorist or illness like cancer which became very common here just like flu; most them having their own story to tell, I was thinking if we were going to write a book about Christians in Iraq after 2003 we will never complete it or reach the end, because of how much stories we have from those families, like a story of a family lost her only son in 2005 by terrorist, they wanted to kidnap him while he was driving his car in substreet but he resisted them, he pulled their mask, they killed him right away, by lunging him a knife through his body & cut off his head!!! (he was civil engineer got master degree & engaged to get marry), his mother was barely can walk just to share others sadness or calamity, many like her do that to relieve their selves & feelings.

This is just one story of thousands of Christian's families stories in Iraq, we don't hate the other, we don't hurt the other, we don't say bad things to other, we are as always PEACE MAKER as Jesus taught us to be, we accept the other, we don't cross our lines, we don't curse in our prayers, we love all people in whole the world even the bad people, we pray for all, we forgive to those how hurt us we don't get revenge by sword, we don't kill by religion name, we don't satisfy one's thirst for revenge.

We believed in humanity for everyone, to anyone in this world (women, men, child, old people, good/bad, any ethnic, any belief) has their own rights to pray, to practice their religion in their own way without fears, without afraid of going to thier holy places to worship GOD. without thinking to be killed by others!

Can others take our lives, but not our values, not our virtue, not our freedom.
          " الحقوق تنتزع ولاتؤخذ  "
" Rights can be pulled out but it can't be taken"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reality Of Education.

It is autum & schools will start next week & students preparing for the new studying year, from the uniform clothes to notebook & sticker's names & their families get busy with them buying school's bags, pencils...ect, starting to be ready for their studying year. but, does schools ready to welcome our students?

Recently in Iraq, we are getting to see schools from muds!!! Yes, from muds, you may not believe me, but in country of oil, we have schools from muds not only that but even from straw too!!!
A school from straw in Al'amara (South of Iraq)!
What is going on with our ministery of education? Are our kids responsible for other's mistakes??? adult's mistakes?? or we don't have enough money to build new schools?

Teacher ringing the bell.
Our students need a healthy building to study in? simple schools for our students just simple one, we don't ask for fancy building just rooms with ceiling with good utilities, that will be enough, aren't they deserve that?

Then, why there are many students in one classroom like 30student? & you can see from pictures, students studying on the ground, no enough chairs for them while Iraq spending millions of dollars every year, where it goes??

Can anyone tell me how they will study in winter inside muds schools??

Doesn't that causes diseases & illness between students? 36 student in one classroom??

Another problem with schools's distribution, in some area like rural ,there are few numbers of schools & some are far away from student's houses.

In another part, there are new schools which closed , because the number of teachers is very low can't coverage the schools, it is a big messy in Iraq with a chain problems related to education's system.

If we need to spread education in Iraq & the new technology first we should offer schools for those kids.

Then solving that issue will lead to solve this one "streets's children" , I'm sure there are many of those kids out of schools in every city in Iraq maybe except Kurdestan,this phenomenon becoming a prevalent view in every corner in the streets or at traffics, like beggar asking for money or selling chewing gum or some tissues in summer & winter BUT their places should be at schools & at least get the high school certificate, by this we can raise our education's level & erased illiterate between people.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Women In First Place.

I found this article is interesting about women in U.S. & how women in the Generation Y (22-30 yrs old) are making 8% more salary than men on average in 47 of 50 states.

Someone had asked me this question:

Do you think that is even possible in Middle-East???

Or at least let our women get jobs first then make salary more than men!
This link shows how women have rights in west, & not just talks or good speeches but, getting it real.

We have potential power & abilities & we can't make it real, to where our cultures & people's education will lead us???

By the way, the big number of non -educated people is in middle east, Why? & most of them are females,Why?

Read more in this link :