Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas In Iraq.

Merry Christmas!

Every hope, every dream, every eye looks towards king of peace...

The essential message for Christmas; is not about decoration trees, or lights, it is not about santa claus, it is not about some sweets, it is about submitting Jesus Christ's message, telling us every year how we should forgiving, loving, sharing good & bad times with each one of us, how we should act like Jesus Christ, as a humble child; the child of peace; the child of love so, happy birthday Jesus Christ, today is a savior's day.

Many people has attened Christmas ceremonies with a good protection from government, churchs were surrounded by police men with their cars, from 2 sides & from behind too, that was a good sign for us to attened our holy mass to the end, women & children dressing santa claus clothes.

People were praying for peace into Iraq  & for love, & for a happy holydays, not just for Iraq but for all people through the world, from north to south ,from east to west.

Christmas ceremonies went well through amid of threats...