Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Chapter...

Hello People...

I have been away from posting for a while, getting busy with my new life, I got married to a wonderful man, after a hard path & lots of obstacles from small to big ones, it wasn't easy to reach this point, it took lots of effort from both of us, starting from visa issue, travelling, starting a new life here in U.S. & we already knew it would not be easy but we didn't think it would be as difficult as it was, there were times we were frustrated & wanted to give up, but our love is powerful and finally we made it!

What I've observed from living here is that the west life is completely different from our life in Iraq, there are some common things of course like family, reputation but it is not that as important like in our culture. Life here is filled with alot of details & sometimes I stand & think about myself feeling stupid, but it is not my fault that I came from Iraq were the electricity still comes and goes (which mean lots of hours in the dark) and everything is debit/credit card where Iraq is all cash; there are lots of machines, often you deal more with them than with people, renting movies, buying stuff from the grocery store, getting books at the library-all of this can be done by machine. Don't get me wrong folks I'm not complaining about technology here, I'm just comparing, a person who has lived a basic life in Iraq, I am amazed at the details here, even with the washing machine, everything has lots of details, even when we walk down the street we should take the right side of the road, its lots of information and I must admit I struggled here in the beginning with the language & with this amount of details and even the laws, if you break them you pay a fine or go to jail, but the cities for the most part are safe, where I live is very safe, I could walk the street at night by myself at night and be perfectly safe-I'd like to see any woman do that in Iraq! Everything has a value here, they appreciate everything, there's a quality of life here that we don't know in Iraq and it makes you realize the difference between existing and living.

Sunny day in Iraq
 went to a movie theater for the first time in my life, Yes, it was a first time, I have never been in a movie theater before, and it was very cool. For the first time I have a library card, I went to a public library here, where are our libraries in Iraq? There was an okay library in my college in Iraq, but I didn't notice a good public library I visited one a long time ago to look for a book, it was very neglected, smelled bad, the building was old, dust all over the books & everywhere, no one really cared.

While I'm here now, feeling very safe, & when I walk, feeling very happy, Yes, I keep my eyes open, but I know there is nothing to worry about, my worries have changed now, I've began a new chapter in my life, with my husband, and I am looking forward to our family and continuing my career where a woman can achieve as well as a man.