Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Culture Or New Future?

It is 1st of September & I got sad, I feel depressed, my destiny is still unknown, my future unclear though I'm drawing smile on my face, you will ask why? I feel we are living same scenario everyday; today same as yesterday, nothing better, no future, no working on real steps, we are living in torture, trying to help others but no one really help us back, we are dying in our own place & some says why you are thinking of leaving? what will you find in other countries? you will have no jobs there, culture will be different, life & people be different too than here, you are here better than there , at least it is your own country!

I have heard such these things over & over & I want to tell those who are thinking like that, what is the benefit from being here without getting our rights, our right to choose?
What is the benefit from living with people acting like wolves?
What is the benefit from living here & actually I don't feel I belong here?why? because I don't have rights to select what I want? what future I want? what dreams I want to achieve?
What is the benefit of being here with no human rights? no women rights?
Where is our REAL life? what have done to be just like others in their countries?
They think it will be hard there so, Isn't it hard here? with our worries, bombing cars, killing & kidnapping people?

I believe humans have rights & this is who I am first and I am Iraqi second.
We should treat other people by humanity in first place.
I respect what others believe, their cultures, societies but I will take what is good for my believes & traditions.
This is what they call to be "open minded", always we live in close boxes never accept others, even don't listen to them, I learned to "Think outside the box!".

I'm tired of living in fears, fears from tomorrow, from others re-actions on this & that. I'm tired of living in fear's tornado, killing me, killing my personalty, limiting my abilities, capturing my plans to go forward.
We are raised to do something in our life, give a good message, It is a crime to be in prison; it is a self prison, very hard to explain, but; it is inside me, if it was a man I would fight him, but it's me!

 I am fighting with me?? challenge myself??

We are not born to be weak, GOD isn't weak to create us weak too, he gave us brain to think, to choose.
So, why I feel that way? Is it the guilty feeling? Or what?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Marriage & Gold...

As an eastern culture, most of us like to have some pieces of gold, but in marriage it is another story. Some families still asking for too much gold from the groom or groom’s family like a main condition to marry their daughter, some say this is common to save their daughter’s future if husband abounded her, or died, they think it will keep her save, but till when?

Here is the issue, in past in general women were staying at home, and raising children, cooking, cleaning & all housework stuff, these old families were thinking like that way, because their daughters had no jobs, but world has changed & women got to know they have rights secured their future before & after marriage, gold can’t be like “life insurance” & here is the problem in our societies, living without insurance!

In Islam, gold for women like her shelter when things get worse, it is her own money even if she is working or not, I know many Muslims women asking for a good amount of gold before marriage from their husband. In Christians families to be fear some of these families are asking for too much gold & other contenting what groom’s will pay for gold, his ability how much gold could buy for his bride.

I think, recently this gold issue becoming an obstacle for those who wants to settle down & marry, because of bride’s families conditions according to gold & by the way; isn’t just gold condition, some families asking for house not apartment or car for their daughter.

And we should think about those poor families, who they can’t pay for high prices things like gold.

It is Okay to have gold, but too much of it will be risky too; people may know about it & many cases happened, they got to the house killed wife, stole gold because they watched the woman when she was wearing her gold outside house.