Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Women's Rights Division

Millions of women throughout the world live in conditions of abject deprivation of, and attacks against, their fundamental human rights for no other reason than that they are women.
I just read that & how much effected on me .. "Millions of women throughout the world" !!
Doesn't that make you sad, just because we are women!!
That's unfair.
You can read more about it in this link:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day Of Struggle!

In last 3 or 4 days ago, I was in deep sadness cause problems every where in our life & women should be blamed, because woman is the weak person & always issues related her, I wonder how long will stand that?How much pain will keep it in her hearts?
Always people talking about freedom, women rights, women activities in the society..BUT, wait where is that in the realty? where is that in our life?
Women suffering, dying psychically, spirituality & mentality in our eastern countries & they are fighting & fighting to get a small part from their rights.
Today is the day to speak out, day to fight, day to be one voice that force all the bad manners against us, or teaching bad morals about us, it is day to tell people we are human too, we have voice too, we have rights too, we have ability to success in our life too, we have future waiting for us to do things too, starting from home, teaching our students our new generation form school, from college, I believe if we are teaching our small families we can get a better society, better treatment, better knowledge to how treat our women.