Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Hope Never Die...

Hello my folks... It's great to write to you again after a long absence, I have been busy in this life & now I'm trying to find a job! Finding a job here is like finding the heaven, sometimes I lose the hope other times I keep looking for jobs & wondering is it because I'm Iraqi? Or is it the same case to anyone else who is not Iraqi live in U.S?

I'm not focusing only about my career as an engineer but I'm looking for other small jobs like admin assistance office, well as Iraqi person I feel not very proud to look for a small jobs like that but sometimes we need to swallow our pride, Yes I know it is hard; hard for me to think about it but small steps can lead to big one in life specially when someone like me trying to figure it out here far away from my country, trying to involve the society & American community, being in touch with people & bring some little money to help us as a new couple & I really hate sitting at home doing nothing, I try to keep myself busy sometimes reading & sometimes doing some craft stuff or cooking because I don't want my brain dies.

There is some hope & light every where in this world.
It is nice & great being here; peaceful area in a world but I had a job in Iraq I was busy to a point, it is funny that I have so much time now & ask myself "what should I do to keep myself busy?"

When you are busy you try to find a free time for yourself but when you have lots of time you search for something to keep yourself busy, huh!
Or I'm a rush person who wants things be done as soon as possible, I don't know really...

I walk every day, I go to some coffee shop have a hot coffee specially these chilly days here, stopping by library reading some books, doing some shopping, but I didn't make friends till now, I guess this is the hard part here, everyone has his own life & it keeps him busy, well this is what I think.

Oh by the way, I celebrated Halloween; it was really fun with all kids at doors ringing the door's bell every 10 minutes asking "Trick or Treat?" & we gave them candies which kids liked them so much, It is good to know about other people's culture & traditions, from my point of view it make you think wider than what you were & think "outside the box"!

Few weeks & we will celebrate the "Thanksgiving" & it is big in U.S. wish you all happy holydays & GOD bless you all....