Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poisoning Girls At Schools In Afghanistan.

At least 13 girls have fallen ill after a suspected poisonous gas attack at a school in northern Afghanistan.

The government has accused fighters opposed to female education of being behind the attack.

This issue has touched my heart; how they can poisoning girls in their schools? they put some poisonous material in the back of the classroom.

If those people thinking they will kill their soul & ambition for education & learning they must be wrong.
Girls in their age were thirsty for learning, education & knowledge. I don’t know why they attack female? Cause they want to learn? What they are afraid off?

Despite how life is tough in Afghanistan but when you just think of these girls how they feel happy to get something new from their schools, how they fight to be in their schools in that difficult environment, it is the sense of life, sense to go forward, to achieve their dreams.

You can read more about it in this link:

Women’s Movement In Middle-East.

Women’s movement in middle-east during 6 years, has been increasing by calling for their rights over & over with their rights & women now feel they are responsible about themselves & about their lives but that movement is forcing many impediments , some are social structures, some are cultural traditions that inhibit women's development, domestic violence.

Women trying to fight for their rights, amid rising religious extremism or internal conflict.
There are many issues in her way to get her rights, But in the other hand she improved herself by giving her right to vote in 2005 in Kuwait, custodial mothers won recognition of their parental authority and proxy marriages were banned in Algeria but, these are few countries who accepted the change & it is still far away from a big change comparing with western counters; Despite the advances in literacy, educational attainment, political participation and economic role for women, but violence against women remains widespread throughout the Arab world.

So, what can be done to help the women of the Middle East?

Being one voice, helping each other, asking for International NGOs should continue the good work they've done to support civil society activities in the region, asking United State government & United Kingdom to help our eastern women by making a bridge of trust between their NGOs & our organizations that help women & that will not be done if WE don’t raise our voice if we don’t help each other if we don’t take our issues seriously, if we don’t fight.

The time is now & we should motivate each other to reach out our rights as part of human rights.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fashion & Culture.

-What has been changed to our eastern women during 1970s till 2010?

-What was the ideology about our women at that time & who men in our counters looked to our women in 1970s & that style's of life?

 Does that related to mentality at that time? Or the corruption wasn’t appeared like nowadays? Or the challenges take other shapes in this century?