Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poisoning Girls At Schools In Afghanistan.

At least 13 girls have fallen ill after a suspected poisonous gas attack at a school in northern Afghanistan.

The government has accused fighters opposed to female education of being behind the attack.

This issue has touched my heart; how they can poisoning girls in their schools? they put some poisonous material in the back of the classroom.

If those people thinking they will kill their soul & ambition for education & learning they must be wrong.
Girls in their age were thirsty for learning, education & knowledge. I don’t know why they attack female? Cause they want to learn? What they are afraid off?

Despite how life is tough in Afghanistan but when you just think of these girls how they feel happy to get something new from their schools, how they fight to be in their schools in that difficult environment, it is the sense of life, sense to go forward, to achieve their dreams.

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