Friday, October 8, 2010

Winter At Doors!

Today is going slowly & weather make me sleepy & little depressed, it is cloudy with autumn smell, this time of year the weather started to change as always, & this changing weather brings to us dust with it, & we should do some really hard housework to welcome winter, though we don't have that cold winter; it is only for 4-5 months & most people likes winter because it is much better than our summer & women likes winter more, because of season's clothes like ( winter's skirts, boots & scarf..ect), & we don't have to use electricity that much like summer, we can wrap into blankets if it gets too cold, but, then winter has its issues with hating water for taking shower because of the power decrease. oil & gas prices get high, while we are the country of oil.

Our daily life ends with sunset, long night's hours, nothing impressed me on T.V. we don't go outside home that often, as I mentioned before in my posts about the reasons like securty & reputation, & past couple weeks I was very busy with this changing weathe, cleaning house, from top to bottom like cleaning fans, lights, windows & walls, autumn cleaning is intense because the dust & this mission like a nightmare for us, it means "working like a dog!" then we usually covered the ground of the house with rugs to warm our rooms, living room or carpet in the kitchen too & feel the sense of winter, & we appreciated rain very much (though streets & walks way will cover with mud) because humidity is very low, I got a new umbrella last year, but really I didn't use it, hopefully this year or somewhere has lots of rain!

What about snow? Well, in north of Iraq; snow is part of north's winter & it is obvious on the mountains, snow in other areas in Iraq; is rare event.

But, in January & February it gets chilly & we can notice a layer of ice, very thin layer, on the roads & streets, however, hopefully this year we will have a snow & will enjoy our winter without problems.