Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Can Religion Be Against Woman?

Do you think religion would help women or against them & their rights?

But, why religion would be against women’s rights?
Religion should be mercy & kindness, support & help women & those who believed in extremism religious & some of close-minded brutal barbaric people are against GOD’s message of humanity, the essential of humanity & mercy with women.

Women are human, equal to men & I want to ask this question to everyone, is there any measurements would let man be better than woman?
Is there any low for man allows him to be preferable more than woman?
Isn’t the time to change this theory about women?

Looking to our surroundings in east & especially in (Iraq) women are living in big prison, or big empty box.
Yes, empty box, it is truth, I have been asking many women this: after your work time, do you have any places to go or do you like to go somewhere but you can’t go?

All of them told me” where we can go? There are no places we can go & spend some time & have fun; we can’t go alone or with our girl friends to anywhere though if there are places”

At the end a woman who is 49 years old told me “do you believe that I can’t go alone to market or anywhere & should take my one of my sisters with me & I’m in this age???”

& she added “even if someone wanted to marry me I should take my brothers & sisters opinions & should they agreed then me???”...WOW!!! What can I say? & by the way, she is employee…

The interesting thing she said “If I can turn the time back, & go back to my youth time, I would have changed many things in me like, my decisions in my personal life but, it is too late now… too late!”

& she said with anger” we were under pressure of men’s controls (brothers) & till now we are at their mercy”

I couldn’t say something to comfort her, because obviously there was nothing to say, she is living that tragedy for years, she is a victim of culture, traditions & gossip environment not just her, many likes her are living same way.

I don’t want to be pessimistic, but this is our reality; this is facts & we can’t hid it to pretend everything is fine, no we aren’t fine, this is not fine at all, if we have better & enough education, open conversations about women issues, our women would have better life, responsible decisions about what they want, taking as models of successful nation throughout the world.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage?

How women want to marry?

Do you think arrange marriage work nowadays? Or we should do it like our parents, dead marriage in my opinion no love, no that flavor of longing, caring & doesn’t that seem is like a duty for both man & woman should do because that attractive does not exist; or love can be after marriage?

Do you think arrange marriage is good for each man & woman?

- Here in middle-east we are still working with that habit many families believed in this no matter what time we are living. But, there are some families believed in love story before marriage & woman has her rights to choose her husband, get know him well.

In west, they said “follow your heart”, but, here women can’t follow their hearts not because they don’t love but because they are controlled by family, culture, family’s reputation, conditions related to money & traditions it is like they are going to “war” not to have new happy life & then why family involved in this, Yes, they have their rights to say their opinions but, their daughter will get married, it is her life.