Monday, January 3, 2011

Iraqis Wishes In 2011

Happy New Year for our readers, may this year be filled with joy & happiness & success & showering us all with peace, as we need it as much as our daily food!

Everyone has many wishes for 2011, but Iraqis wish for peace, safety, good jobs, better electricity, health care, good roads, educational programs, theaters...well, the list goes on and on.

I was watching one of the Iraqi channels two days ago, they asked people about their wishes for the new year; I can say most of them wished for safety, they give up their personal wishes & dreams just for this, how sad!

Our wishes are our simples rights, basic issues, Iraq is now making billions of dollars but the country is going backwards more & more.

Iraqis voted for a new government in 2010 that took 8 months to finally resolve, and its hardly a new government at all.  Will these same people finally make real progress for the Iraqi people?  We can only hope, but as is known in the west, hope is not a plan.  But it is sometimes the only thing we Iraqis have had.