Saturday, July 10, 2010

Female police officers in Kandahar/Afghanistan.


Report from Washington Post.

"In this society, people don't see us with good eyes." That was Lt. Fatima; who is a police officer joined with her other colleagues at police office working with the government to safe their country from the terrorism & all kind of violence & I think, it is a good step to help their country & very important cause they need female officer to check women at the checkpoint; it is cultural & religious issue & not allow for men to do that, Well it is impossible at all.

Besides female officers can take information from women about terrorism and criminal activities better than men cause no barriers.

As the report said they are trying to have more numbers of women to involve in this field & trying to training them how to use weapon like handguns even though still limited to 5 women only but will courage others for training. Of course Taliban will not let them free like that, they threaten them by assassinated them if they continue working with the government & they did that to one female officers as 2008 as report said so, they should change their place from time to time so no one can recognize them, It is a big challenge but, nothing comes free there should be sacrifice in some way!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Inside Iraq.

I was thinking how it would be wonderful to just go in a picnic or just go outside "hanging out" with friends, going to some entertainment places, like theater, cinema, sport's clubs or gym. well, that it could be but not in Iraq, we don't have nothing like that here. nothing at all. we can't go outside alone cause it is dangerous, & I can't go outside alone, no friends, no fun, no parks, social parks that we can meet people or our families can enjoying  time seeing their kids playing, just enjoying the life like other people in the world, but, I can tell it is better than 2005,2006 & 2007, there is a reconstruction in some area in Iraq but going very slowly, Besides, we hear about projects here & there, Where are they on the land???
Why they don't offer jobs for women so they can sharing men to re-build a new Iraq???

They don't believe in women, then why should we believe in men???

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another Chance To Live.

This is a true story.

Grace: Hello K.

K.: Hello Grace, how are you? I haven’t seen you a long time ago?

Grace: Well, I’m stick in the house.

K.: Why you are stick in the house?

Grace: Well, I don’t feel that well to go outside.

- You didn’t hear about what happen to our house?

K.: No, what happen? Please, speak out clearly.

Grace: Well, I don’t know from where I should talk, but all can tell you a bombing car exploded near our house & that was before Christmas 12/13 & I was working on pc at that day & my mom was watching T.V. in the living room when the event happened, We were (me & mom) absolutely terrified till death, I can’t tell you how much we suffer at that time.

K.: Really?
Grace: Yes, really.
K.: OMG!! Thank GOD you are safe.
-Tell me what happened?

Grace: It was 4:20 pm & as I told you I was working on pc as always, Suddenly a horrible sound just in moments the good picture got bad picture, the sense of life was closed to sense of death, the flame of candle went out, room’s door hit my head, all the books in bookshelf dropped & thank GOD they didn’t dropped on my mom, were she was sitting. Every glasses broken every drapes torn, every dishes & cups shattered into thousands of pieces & you know it was winter we couldn’t see rugs from millions pieces of glasses on it Every things looked awful even the plants got hurt too, nothing was normal at all.

We are civil people & two women were inside that house lived that event; I couldn’t sleep for 10 days after that event & I was shaking with fear that it will happen over & over. I was afraid of that house I lived in years could be a house WITHOUT ADDRESS.

Iraq’s Beauty Queen

.Nations give to their women a precious place in their society not just give their rights but also, giving a value of their beauty, give her sense of her femininity; from that level you can measure that nation as a civilized nation, country because one reasons of nations development is relating with women & their rights & how they have an effective roles in societies.

-What about Iraq’s beautiful women now?

-Where they are? Or who hid them? Why we don’t hear about our beauty queen? Iraq’s Beauty Queen?

The interesting thing in this issue we had our beauty queen in 1947!!!!!!
Her name is Reneh Dankor.

- Can you believe it????

-Imagine Iraq before 60 years ago & enjoying with beauty.
-Imagine a country had time & mood to have a beauty queen at that time where life was simpled as they said.
YES, we had Iraq’s beauty queen at that time, someone will ask which is better situation for Iraq at 1947 or 2010 ????

If we are talking about traditions there were traditions too at that time!

If we are talking about political field, Iraq was under royal reign at that time!

If we are talking about culture we are better than 1947 we are more open minded to the world, we are in Technology period!

But, sadly we have a serious issues, Terrorism one of our hard issue smashing & destroying every sense of life, every sense of beauty. Besides there are strangers from outside, especially from neighborhood countries & they sell to us terrorism language which is strange & bad language by all means, it isn’t our language it isn’t language of living.

To be optimistic Iraq is better than 2005, 2006 & 2007 even we have dramatic days sometimes but in general it is better than 2005, 2006 & 2007.

-We have Iraq’s beauty queen in history, why it became a crime today in 2010???

So, who is responsible of not having Iraq’s beauty queen inside Iraq?