Saturday, July 10, 2010

Female police officers in Kandahar/Afghanistan.


Report from Washington Post.

"In this society, people don't see us with good eyes." That was Lt. Fatima; who is a police officer joined with her other colleagues at police office working with the government to safe their country from the terrorism & all kind of violence & I think, it is a good step to help their country & very important cause they need female officer to check women at the checkpoint; it is cultural & religious issue & not allow for men to do that, Well it is impossible at all.

Besides female officers can take information from women about terrorism and criminal activities better than men cause no barriers.

As the report said they are trying to have more numbers of women to involve in this field & trying to training them how to use weapon like handguns even though still limited to 5 women only but will courage others for training. Of course Taliban will not let them free like that, they threaten them by assassinated them if they continue working with the government & they did that to one female officers as 2008 as report said so, they should change their place from time to time so no one can recognize them, It is a big challenge but, nothing comes free there should be sacrifice in some way!

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