Sunday, July 4, 2010

Iraq’s Beauty Queen

.Nations give to their women a precious place in their society not just give their rights but also, giving a value of their beauty, give her sense of her femininity; from that level you can measure that nation as a civilized nation, country because one reasons of nations development is relating with women & their rights & how they have an effective roles in societies.

-What about Iraq’s beautiful women now?

-Where they are? Or who hid them? Why we don’t hear about our beauty queen? Iraq’s Beauty Queen?

The interesting thing in this issue we had our beauty queen in 1947!!!!!!
Her name is Reneh Dankor.

- Can you believe it????

-Imagine Iraq before 60 years ago & enjoying with beauty.
-Imagine a country had time & mood to have a beauty queen at that time where life was simpled as they said.
YES, we had Iraq’s beauty queen at that time, someone will ask which is better situation for Iraq at 1947 or 2010 ????

If we are talking about traditions there were traditions too at that time!

If we are talking about political field, Iraq was under royal reign at that time!

If we are talking about culture we are better than 1947 we are more open minded to the world, we are in Technology period!

But, sadly we have a serious issues, Terrorism one of our hard issue smashing & destroying every sense of life, every sense of beauty. Besides there are strangers from outside, especially from neighborhood countries & they sell to us terrorism language which is strange & bad language by all means, it isn’t our language it isn’t language of living.

To be optimistic Iraq is better than 2005, 2006 & 2007 even we have dramatic days sometimes but in general it is better than 2005, 2006 & 2007.

-We have Iraq’s beauty queen in history, why it became a crime today in 2010???

So, who is responsible of not having Iraq’s beauty queen inside Iraq?

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