Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Can remodeling a church bring peoples' lives back?

               Iraqi Christians are celebrating the re-opening ceremony for Lady of Salvation Church. It has been two years since the church had been attacked by extreme Islamic group. Today, the church is remodeled and reopened to the public. But, where are those families and people who were there in that Sunday evening mass? Can remodeling a church bring them back?

              Yes, the church looks wonderful from inside and outside. But, what about the bloodshed was there everywhere? They had been killed with cold blood. Families and two priests will never be back again. Remodeling the church will not bring them back again. Are we trying to remove what had happened there? Are we trying to erase the tragedy there? Blood had been spilled in the church. Walls had been marked with holes from shooting guns. Floors had been swimming with blood. Windows had been broken and damaged. The altar of the church had been profaned. Can remodeling the church bring the peoples’ lives back?

              It is a tragedy in the history of Iraqi Christians. Nothing has changed in the “New Iraq”. Many of Iraqi Christians are leaving Iraq since 2003 seeking for peace and security for them. We are the new immigrants, here, outside our homeland. I miss my homeland and our house. Can you imagine being away from your land and house? Can you? 

Click on the link below to see the re-opening ceremony for Lady of Salvation Church.,630563.msg5858973.html#msg5858973