Sunday, January 16, 2011

When The People Spoke....

While Iraq was celebrating for winning 1-0 against E.U. in the Asia Cup, the people of Tunisia were celebrating their freedom. I must say they are brave, facing death. Freedom is expenisve and many Tunisians sacrificed their lives for their people’s future, for a better life, what began with asking for bread ended with their dictator fleeing, and now they are breathing the freedom. They showed great unity even though there are some groups who want to ruin the country during the absence of government, but the army has been supporting the people, & people supporting each other. The Tunisian people are looking forward to making their country better, a better government, they showed the whole world, east & west, that when people speak together they can make a difference, affect real change. I think they are better than us, at least I see they have unity between them, they are more educated than us, more understanding what democracy means, they created their democracy, look to the Egypt, Algeria, Jorden, Palestine, their people got the spark from Tunisian people and hopefully it will spread to other areas. Dictators should be trembling this day.

Congratulation Tunisia you are liberated!
أذا الشعب يوما" اراد الحياة        فلابد ان يستجيب القدر
ولابد لليل ان ينجـــــــــلي         ولابد للقيد ان ينكســـــر