Saturday, July 24, 2010


What men preferred working women or housewives, Or both?

How that has an impact on their relationship?

I can remember very well my grandma (dad’s mother, mom’s mother) were housewives, Well, I can tell they were perfect housewives but, their atmosphere was house; the only place & their general knowledge were limited of course but they were good housewives, everything is perfect at the house from small thing to big one, nothing late, caring about their husbands, food is on the time & they were raising lots of children like 6-8 child (it could be more than 8 numbers), of course we are talking about the early beginning of 20 century when the whole world was completely different than now in every field, but if you think about that time; life was simple, people weren’t worried about how to live, or should seek about jobs, should have money to survive, or from this or that & they were more closer to each other & inside families more commitment like husband & wife comparing to this time 2010. But, to be fare there weren’t means of communication at that time, in same time these things has both positive & negative sides, How? Positive, keep us update to the world, make friends from all over the world, has lots of benefit for our work, calling someone who is far away or another side from the world, offering tremendous facilitating around the world…but, in the other side, internet, cell phone,…ect. Separating us from our home environment, family or friend even we are connected with them by these means, but still sitting with your family, gathering with them in the evening or on the food table (only food can gathered families sometimes on one table!) & talking personally easy than writing emails-in my opinion- just speak out!

It’s like we have two different pictures with different people, yes it was very simple life, very old fashion “odd” one but has great morals, values & I think people were appreciated their life although there weren’t women’s rights but, men were good to their women, I wonder why while people were uncomplicated & you can feel they were natural & humble more than now, more than our people now, we are like machines & we are running in our lives to go up & up losing our sociality life, our family time.

Then again men now wants women working, to build her independence personality, to achieve her dreams & to be an ambitious woman so that she can always feel she is equal & has rights just like her man but most men like her as a housewife or taking that role when she is at house, preferring seeing her at house cooking, cleaning, raising children, giving her touches at house more than working even though they courage her to do that, but man is a man he wants her at home when he arrived, seeing her waiting him giving him a hold, smelling her cooking from outside house door, asking him about his day, children gathering on him & catching his legs, feeling happy because he is at home after a long day ( I think everyone like & want this picture, how does not? )
But, the question is how women balanced with their time & family’s or husband’s time, how the working woman balanced her personality happiness & her family’s happiness because going too much with your dreams can cost you something in same time you want to do something not just staying at home.

The key is how to do something from everything, it is not easy but, it’s worthy!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


If boy hits his sister in front of his eye’s mom, how we can change that?
If father or brother beats (they will be nice if just beat her not kill her!) their daughter or sister for any reasons, how we can change that?
If they follow discrimination between boys & girls with grades (by the way we are smarter than male brain!) , how we can change that?
If they are putting us aside in the work for example,(but, Hello! We are multi-task!) how we can change that?
If they look to us with inferiority looking, how we can change that?
If they are stealing our right to choose our future, how we can change that?
If they prevent us from speaking out, how we can change that?

In my opinion changing started from home, from family because that’s the core of the societies & we should teaching human rights in our school, we should applying them in our real life, more education, spaces, activities, meetings, involving women in government, inspiring people how should treat women, how should protect women not fighting against women’s rights.

Without women, there is no nation!