Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Have Something To Say!

"Always tell what you feel & do what you think"
I have been at house for 5 days! , It was Muslim's Eid ( Happy Eid ) & I didn't go for shopping for more than 1 month & half ! , I feel like I'm living in another planet!
But, the good thing is, I have some work to do, so it keeps me busy most of the time which is good since we don't have any place to spend our time.

I woke up today with many thoughts & concepts about life in my head, I just dreamed about my aunt but, really I don't know if that related to my dream or not; some of these concepts are:

-What should I do to feel better about any bad events that I had lived or seen?
-What is the meaning of new life? forgetting the past, deleting it or just fix the mistakes of current moments?
-What is our messages as human being to the world?
-Do you think our people in all the world acting their humanity in best way? if they do then why we have poverty, wars, all kind of crimes & extortion for human rights & women rights?

I think I'm reaching to point, to find answers about everything even those tiny small silly things!
But, why? shouldn't I enjoy life & live to the fullest moment without worrying about this & that?
Does that mean I should live with blind mind?

Am I having psychological warfare with  my thoughts & concepts & I don't know???

Monday, September 13, 2010

Between Lines...

 Last post, had an impact on me, the reality of our women's life & thier destiny...

Can women like 4 or 5 women living together supporting each other here alone in same house for example?

Women here lives with their parents till they get married, it is very different than west, in west women can live alone, even one of them lives in her apartment from 18 years old as we know.

But do you think western way support women & their future? Or in east women are taking action towards their parents even if they are not married, spending their life to help their parents.

I don't try to say this is better than that. but, let's discuss this issue it's sort of mixing thoughts, ideologies; getting outside home for women mean new life, new page in her life; Do you think women with open freedom can lose their personal respecting?

Or that related to her own morals & what she wants as a woman?

Or women should be controlled by men & women obeyed them?

The interesting thing there are no women living alone here I don't know in other middle east countries, because if they do, Our society & culture will never mercy them, will attack their reputation though they have great morals as we say here "people will talk"!!!

Sometimes, I feel people's power more than religion's & moral's power, but people will talk even if you are angel,Why they have such a strong control into our lives?

Or we should be behind walls because of who we are; eastern women?
Do you think western women are more independence than eastern women?

Then, is it the right way to live alone without family? without parents? without someone shows you the right direction in your life or at least give you some advises?

My thoughts are leading me to another question, do we need to live alone to learn how to be individual & independence women, deciding, choosing & standing in front of the walls not behind them?

We don't want to live as a shadow because of culture barriers, I think many many women here live like that behind the wall, maybe it's the fear or men's power or weakness in their personality.

I must admit, It will take a long time to get our rights & it needs great efforts but, if we don't help ourselves no one will help us!