Friday, October 22, 2010

Mesopotamia Between Yesterday & Today!

I had the opportunity to visit the Iraqi museum in Baghdad before fallen at 2003 & it was days before the war!

And every time when I see our ancient monuments in other countries, I don't feel happy about it, but in same time I feel that they are more safe than here because I know if those were here in Iraq they would be destroyed or disappeared.

This glory for mesopotamia gave us different picture of Iraq, it isn't the picture of bombing cars, or seeing blood in streets, or "terrorism"...ect,

The first Cylinder Seals & Code or Stele of Hammurabi & the list goes on...

Iraqi's treasure in British museum/UK.
Iraqi's treasure in British museum/UK.

Iraq's treasure in Louvre Museum/ France
Iraq has a rich civilization through history, but we shouldn't stop to this point , we didn't improve it , actually we went against this direction, & why we are longing to our past & history? because we didn't give any new things to our present that is our east's problems, we can't go forward, don't get me wrong I'm not saying to forget the past, never! but, we should add something, to keep working, instead of keep looking backward!

Speaking back to our poor museum; the victim of war & ruin.
I feel lucky that I visited the Iraqi museum before war & I remember at one time ago; T.V. has showed the pictures of the museum after war, many treasures were stolen & damaged & broken.

After these events,Iraqi government has submitted a plan to get back some of those treasures, & they found about 228 piece in south of Baghdad. according to site, & many are missing till now.

Iraqi Museum/1977.
 It is another sad' paper of a big book named Iraq!