Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Naziha Dulaimi.

Who is Naziha Dulaimi ?

-She was an Iraqi woman, the first Iraqi woman who gained such a high position in Iraq during 1959  as Ministry of Municipalities, she was a head of Women's Rights Union & not only that she was the first woman in Arab world gained that higher position!!!

-So, in 50s Iraq was great more than than now, WHY?
- It shouldn't be different ?
Naziha Dulaimi & Abdl Kareem Qasim
& other politician people in 1959. 
-Women were taking a good role in our society or at least trying very hard to taking their roles & taking the chances, we were the first in Arab world, where we are now???

-Does governments have a huge effect on women's rights?

-Does religions play a big role in women's rights? but, weren't the same religions in Iraq at that time I mean in 50s, Muslims, Christian & other minority? By the way, Jews were there too!

The question is : Who is responsible of that bad changing? Iraqi governments? U.S & British governments?
Iraqi people? Civil organizations (NGO)?