Sunday, December 12, 2010

Barren Land.

Place  : Baghdad
Year : 1950

A Fashion Show At Iraqi House Fashion 1950.

Iraqi House Fashion, Is Still There?

This is one of the Iraqi House Fashion Show in 1950!
Yes, 1950, when women were abler to attend a fashion show as you see from the picture, most of the audience were women, this is a picture of a healthy country, when Iraqis were searching for sence of beauty, life & modernity.

At first look to this picture I didn't believe my eyes But , I felt sorrow how things are going on Iraq today, very frustrated with what's going here, Especially with women rights.

Let's go back live this black & white picture when Iraq was under kingdom regime, when the life was simple & when women were practicing their rights even for little part, apparently, they were practicing their right, & I can tell, when Iraq reached 1970 women had lived their golden time.

Where is the Iraqi house Fashion today? where are these shows? Can a woman attending such these places?

Iraqi House Fashion, But not anymore!
 Where are those designers for fashion clothes? where are women rights???

Where is the women's voice in new Iraq?

Where is the new Iraq? Where is the FREEDOM & the DEMOCRACY???

Where is the glory of our culture?

I think our new government had buried everything related to the beauty & arts,just like their way to close theaters & night clubs, what else do you want to close?

Do you want to close people's life? Do you want to keep us in prisons? & beat & kill women, because you feel they don't deserve life?

Day by day, Iraq becomes a "barren land", though there is rain, but no life anymore!!!