Saturday, October 16, 2010

They Are Killing The Roses!

Which words can I describe this video? painful; sad; tyranny, destruction?
Who should we blame about this horrible abuses to our Iraqies women?
Who is responsible about this crime?
Is this the " new Iraq"?

Who should we accuse about this humanity's crime? some people would say this is what America's brought for Iraq! But, let us be realistic, why we should always blame the whole world while WE (middle-eastern people) are doing the mistakes by own hands!

I have always a reaction from Arab world & no one can blame me for that, you can see from a side the man controlling the woman & abuses her, practicing the violent on her & from other side he wants from her to satisfy his "dirty desire" & "dirty pleasure"!

Here the government should take an important role to protect women & support women by giving them their rights & with NGO would aid women so they can feel they are protected & not alone in this wild & barbarian world.

Then don't get me wrong I'm not saying that western world is perfect, actually no one is perfect & the west is not a paradise, BUT the difference between west & east, even dogs & cats have rights too in west, & everyone is responsible for his choices, while our women are treated like animals!

At the end I want to say that women aren't weak, women aren't cheap, women is the source of nations...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dark Tunnel Has No Spot Light!

Excuse me people, I'm going to talk with strong words about women's issues.

I realized that violent is not only coming from men but also coming from women themselves like mother to her daughter , or sister to her sister..but the worse one is that coming from the other gender (male), the problem here in our community especially in those closed-minded societies; that woman is a piece of furniture & if she will ask for her rights they would be judge her as a bad person, that she wouldn't obey to manly societies!!!
For me I can't just obey one's orders without discussion issues, I can't accept injustice but, there are women  accepting that or they are afraid from the men, the culture used to teach us to be afraid from this & that & (female ) should say "Yes", I'm not saying that women should be stubborn & seeking for problems, NO; But the open dialogue is healthy way to solve issues with open-mind, flexible options.

When I talked to women who are just agreed with this "unfair" society; I asked them " Are you contented with this situation, with this ignoring, being second & obey men with bland eyes???"

They answered me with this words " We are living here, in middle-east, we aren't living in west countries", " this is our traditions, & if we don't be like that, the community will scratch our reputation"

I can't change their thinking way, It is like drilling on the stone!

I 'm wondering till when our women will stay thinking like that? till when we will wait the answer for our rights from men? till when we will say "Yes" & we don't have right to say "No"?
Till when we will be smashed?

I don't want to be pessimistic but it will be far away as the sky far away from the earth as long as we have people with close-minded, narrow mentality, violent with different shapes, abuses & now it is going inside the females themselves.

In Christianity is little better than Muslims's community here (in middle-east) but I must admit, we all are living in one circle under society's mercy & odd traditions's laws.

What is in people's mind,it is in their minds & I can't changing it even after 20 years.

My sorrow for our women, my sorrow for our rights here, my sorrow for our future here.
Women will stay second after men for years here & I don't see a spot light in this dark tunnel!