Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Have Something To Say!

"Always tell what you feel & do what you think"
I have been at house for 5 days! , It was Muslim's Eid ( Happy Eid ) & I didn't go for shopping for more than 1 month & half ! , I feel like I'm living in another planet!
But, the good thing is, I have some work to do, so it keeps me busy most of the time which is good since we don't have any place to spend our time.

I woke up today with many thoughts & concepts about life in my head, I just dreamed about my aunt but, really I don't know if that related to my dream or not; some of these concepts are:

-What should I do to feel better about any bad events that I had lived or seen?
-What is the meaning of new life? forgetting the past, deleting it or just fix the mistakes of current moments?
-What is our messages as human being to the world?
-Do you think our people in all the world acting their humanity in best way? if they do then why we have poverty, wars, all kind of crimes & extortion for human rights & women rights?

I think I'm reaching to point, to find answers about everything even those tiny small silly things!
But, why? shouldn't I enjoy life & live to the fullest moment without worrying about this & that?
Does that mean I should live with blind mind?

Am I having psychological warfare with  my thoughts & concepts & I don't know???

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