Sunday, September 19, 2010

Women In First Place.

I found this article is interesting about women in U.S. & how women in the Generation Y (22-30 yrs old) are making 8% more salary than men on average in 47 of 50 states.

Someone had asked me this question:

Do you think that is even possible in Middle-East???

Or at least let our women get jobs first then make salary more than men!
This link shows how women have rights in west, & not just talks or good speeches but, getting it real.

We have potential power & abilities & we can't make it real, to where our cultures & people's education will lead us???

By the way, the big number of non -educated people is in middle east, Why? & most of them are females,Why?

Read more in this link :


Violet's Pure Heart said...

hi Freedom and WEVA,
We can only ask for woman's rights at the time all sorts and parts of middle east community have theirs ,
as example in Iraq, would you tell me, who has his full rights there?

Mister Ghost said...

Hello Freedom, WEVA, Doctor Violet,
LOL, women will never achieve full equality with men in much of the Middle East as long as Sharia Law, Arabic and Islamic traditions are in force in various countries.

As regards American women earning more than American men, well LOL it is discrimination against men. I know that will shock you being in the Middle East, where women are discriminated against, but here in the US women are given preferential treatment when it comes to jobs, employment activities, enrollment in universities - it's Feminism gone completely wild. ))) LOL.

I am sending to you Freedom, an article that addresses this issue - it will be eye opening.

LOL, soon we American men will have to stage protests for employment and other equalities.
We'll have to carry signs like: "I am no longer changing the baby's diaper." )))

Freedom said...

Hey Violet's...

I would disagree with you here:)

As you know in Suadi Arabia, women aren't allowed to drive a car, aren't allowed for them to travel alone should be (Mahrahm) with them, like taking father or brother or husband with them as you know to those who are under 40 age, In Egypt there are FGM, In Yaman females who are in 9,10,12 years old get married by their families who they are children, don't know nothing about marriage & should live their childhood, then we shouldn't compare Iraq with those countries, Iraq has different religions & different educations too, other middle east countries have rights little bit better than Iraq, & you said who has full rights here, Can you travel to another city alone? or can you travel to Baghdad alone? Of course you can't because you are female & you should not be alone, then if you do you would take your mother or your father for example, in mean while young men can go anywhere they want, they can just hang out alone when they want that & WE (females) stuck at home!!!!
Do we have rights to work in another city alone, we can't..this is our reality, & this is a crime in my opinion because I may have find good job in another city but I can't go there for example!

Freedom said...

Hey Mister Ghost..

Thank you for the article..It is really interesting!!

There is a HUGE gap between U.S & middle east, i think, is unfair to compare those 2 different countries:)
Because everything is different & diverse, the issue is how can men accept women's rights, in middle east they will never accept it, sadly to say it, but it's fact!

We laughed alot about "I am no longer changing the baby's diaper."...
Okay,we don't want to reach that point, we are against violent & in same time I don't encourage women to be wild with freedom. because both has side effects but, that's my thinking anyway...

Mister Ghost said...

Hello Freedom,
Happy Tuesday to you.
Hopefully WEVA will blog too. )))

Oh, you have a picture of a white water lily (Nymphaea odorata) for your Blogger icon. I remember picking one or two of them from local ponds. Do they grow in Iraq?

Well, in the woods around here we have many flowers like these:

Lady Slippers

It is a type of orchard. They have been called Moccasin flowers, because they resemble the moccasins worn by the American Indians. )))

Freedom said...

Hey mister Ghost,

Me & WEVA. working together on articles, but, posted by my name, Freedom.

I hope that we have them in Iraq, but let first have ponds, then have those beautiful flowers like water lily, sadly we don't have a comfy pictures like flowers or green area in Iraq, maybe because the weather of Iraq, & Iraq's situation after 2003, even before that, i don't remember if i saw a beautiful view like that, like parks. so, I try to see them on pc by internet:)

But, I like the name "lady slippers"!

Mister Ghost said...

Hello Freedom & WEVA too,
Ahhh, I wondering why WEVA never posted. ))) Well, you two are a team. )))

The Water Lilies, I wasn't quite sure if perhaps they grew on the banks of the Tigris somewhere in Iraq and you had seen them there.

Yes, Iraq is a dry desert environment, so drought, heat and sandstorms. Some day, you'll see the forests, the ponds and the greens, Freedom. ))) But watch out for the mosquitoes and flies in the summer, LOL. Yes, mosquitoes are everywhere on the planet it seems.)))