Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reality Of Education.

It is autum & schools will start next week & students preparing for the new studying year, from the uniform clothes to notebook & sticker's names & their families get busy with them buying school's bags, pencils...ect, starting to be ready for their studying year. but, does schools ready to welcome our students?

Recently in Iraq, we are getting to see schools from muds!!! Yes, from muds, you may not believe me, but in country of oil, we have schools from muds not only that but even from straw too!!!
A school from straw in Al'amara (South of Iraq)!
What is going on with our ministery of education? Are our kids responsible for other's mistakes??? adult's mistakes?? or we don't have enough money to build new schools?

Teacher ringing the bell.
Our students need a healthy building to study in? simple schools for our students just simple one, we don't ask for fancy building just rooms with ceiling with good utilities, that will be enough, aren't they deserve that?

Then, why there are many students in one classroom like 30student? & you can see from pictures, students studying on the ground, no enough chairs for them while Iraq spending millions of dollars every year, where it goes??

Can anyone tell me how they will study in winter inside muds schools??

Doesn't that causes diseases & illness between students? 36 student in one classroom??

Another problem with schools's distribution, in some area like rural ,there are few numbers of schools & some are far away from student's houses.

In another part, there are new schools which closed , because the number of teachers is very low can't coverage the schools, it is a big messy in Iraq with a chain problems related to education's system.

If we need to spread education in Iraq & the new technology first we should offer schools for those kids.

Then solving that issue will lead to solve this one "streets's children" , I'm sure there are many of those kids out of schools in every city in Iraq maybe except Kurdestan,this phenomenon becoming a prevalent view in every corner in the streets or at traffics, like beggar asking for money or selling chewing gum or some tissues in summer & winter BUT their places should be at schools & at least get the high school certificate, by this we can raise our education's level & erased illiterate between people.


Mister Ghost said...

Hello Freedom,
It's very disgraceful. When we discuss anything about Iraq it it like a broken record: corruption, thievery, tradition, shoddiness of labor et al... unfortunately, there is lack of accountability and transparency. And while the elite made out well during the time of sanctions, the poor suffered.

The US officially spent 53 billion dollars on reconstruction projects in Iraq (and I remember reading several times about this or that school being built, refurbished)... and yet, this is what we see here... and most of the reconstruction money is likely have gone to waste.

This is a good, very strong article that you have written. An interesting thing, American schools, often times there are complaints of overcrowding too.

Freedom said...

Yes, Mister Ghost, it is so bad that we are still suffering after 7 years from 2003 till now, & we were eager to see new projects, new schools for those kids, it is like we are going on smae circles since that date.

Thank you for your compliment, We are just showing the reality here, We hope it will get better soon.