Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Inside Iraq.

I was thinking how it would be wonderful to just go in a picnic or just go outside "hanging out" with friends, going to some entertainment places, like theater, cinema, sport's clubs or gym. well, that it could be but not in Iraq, we don't have nothing like that here. nothing at all. we can't go outside alone cause it is dangerous, & I can't go outside alone, no friends, no fun, no parks, social parks that we can meet people or our families can enjoying  time seeing their kids playing, just enjoying the life like other people in the world, but, I can tell it is better than 2005,2006 & 2007, there is a reconstruction in some area in Iraq but going very slowly, Besides, we hear about projects here & there, Where are they on the land???
Why they don't offer jobs for women so they can sharing men to re-build a new Iraq???

They don't believe in women, then why should we believe in men???

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