Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another Chance To Live.

This is a true story.

Grace: Hello K.

K.: Hello Grace, how are you? I haven’t seen you a long time ago?

Grace: Well, I’m stick in the house.

K.: Why you are stick in the house?

Grace: Well, I don’t feel that well to go outside.

- You didn’t hear about what happen to our house?

K.: No, what happen? Please, speak out clearly.

Grace: Well, I don’t know from where I should talk, but all can tell you a bombing car exploded near our house & that was before Christmas 12/13 & I was working on pc at that day & my mom was watching T.V. in the living room when the event happened, We were (me & mom) absolutely terrified till death, I can’t tell you how much we suffer at that time.

K.: Really?
Grace: Yes, really.
K.: OMG!! Thank GOD you are safe.
-Tell me what happened?

Grace: It was 4:20 pm & as I told you I was working on pc as always, Suddenly a horrible sound just in moments the good picture got bad picture, the sense of life was closed to sense of death, the flame of candle went out, room’s door hit my head, all the books in bookshelf dropped & thank GOD they didn’t dropped on my mom, were she was sitting. Every glasses broken every drapes torn, every dishes & cups shattered into thousands of pieces & you know it was winter we couldn’t see rugs from millions pieces of glasses on it Every things looked awful even the plants got hurt too, nothing was normal at all.

We are civil people & two women were inside that house lived that event; I couldn’t sleep for 10 days after that event & I was shaking with fear that it will happen over & over. I was afraid of that house I lived in years could be a house WITHOUT ADDRESS.

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