Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage?

How women want to marry?

Do you think arrange marriage work nowadays? Or we should do it like our parents, dead marriage in my opinion no love, no that flavor of longing, caring & doesn’t that seem is like a duty for both man & woman should do because that attractive does not exist; or love can be after marriage?

Do you think arrange marriage is good for each man & woman?

- Here in middle-east we are still working with that habit many families believed in this no matter what time we are living. But, there are some families believed in love story before marriage & woman has her rights to choose her husband, get know him well.

In west, they said “follow your heart”, but, here women can’t follow their hearts not because they don’t love but because they are controlled by family, culture, family’s reputation, conditions related to money & traditions it is like they are going to “war” not to have new happy life & then why family involved in this, Yes, they have their rights to say their opinions but, their daughter will get married, it is her life.

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