Sunday, August 29, 2010

Marriage & Gold...

As an eastern culture, most of us like to have some pieces of gold, but in marriage it is another story. Some families still asking for too much gold from the groom or groom’s family like a main condition to marry their daughter, some say this is common to save their daughter’s future if husband abounded her, or died, they think it will keep her save, but till when?

Here is the issue, in past in general women were staying at home, and raising children, cooking, cleaning & all housework stuff, these old families were thinking like that way, because their daughters had no jobs, but world has changed & women got to know they have rights secured their future before & after marriage, gold can’t be like “life insurance” & here is the problem in our societies, living without insurance!

In Islam, gold for women like her shelter when things get worse, it is her own money even if she is working or not, I know many Muslims women asking for a good amount of gold before marriage from their husband. In Christians families to be fear some of these families are asking for too much gold & other contenting what groom’s will pay for gold, his ability how much gold could buy for his bride.

I think, recently this gold issue becoming an obstacle for those who wants to settle down & marry, because of bride’s families conditions according to gold & by the way; isn’t just gold condition, some families asking for house not apartment or car for their daughter.

And we should think about those poor families, who they can’t pay for high prices things like gold.

It is Okay to have gold, but too much of it will be risky too; people may know about it & many cases happened, they got to the house killed wife, stole gold because they watched the woman when she was wearing her gold outside house.


Mister Ghost said...

Hello Freedom,
Yes the bride price can be quite expensive in the Eastern cultures.
In places like Afghanistan, the bride price makes it very difficult for men to get married until they are their late 20s or 30s, because it's usually in the 10K-30K range, and how much does an Afghan man make per year?

Speaking of gold, do you know there are billions of dollars of gold hidden all over the US? Gold has always held a deep fascination for mankind.

The other component of the marriage contract in the Islamic world is a woman's virginity.

Freedom said...

Hello Mister Ghost,

I didn't know about gold hidden all over America, But, Yes it is precious & we have another kind of gold, "Oil" we call it "black gold".

Well, It isn't in Islamic world only, as an eastern christians we do believe in that too, but we don't submit it as a condition because woman's virginity is a common thing here, I know it is very different than west!

But,We really appreciated because it is a special & priceless gift in marriage.

Mister Ghost said...

Hello Freedom,
Oh yes, you are right about Iraqi Christians being conservative too. Yes, the entire Middle East is very traditional except for maybe Israel and parts of Lebanon, where the women are more Westernized.

A woman's honor is all important in the Middle East and if she loses it, well it has dire consequences. I think the Iraqi Christians however are a little more tolerant in this regard however. I can't recall reading about any Iraqi Christians participating in honor killing their women in the post Saddam era, whereas many Iraqi Muslim women have been sadly honor killed by their fellow Muslims.

And there was that incident with the Yezidi, stoning that woman to death (many people watched it on Youtube) because she was dating a Muslim man. And it led to terrible consequence including bombings of the Yezidi villages.