Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Dream Island...

It is 12:19 am here, in Iraq & I really tired & barely can open my eyes after a long day, sunny & warm day just like every day in this burning summer, we have generator power now, I feel bored today..

Sometimes, I just want to live in island a way from  whole world, a way from here, people, horrible pictures, death stories, just forgetting everything in moments, get lost in my dreams, finding peace in my fantasy world & no one will ask about my passport, I'm travelling through my thoughts, searching for white pages to draw my dreams on...picturing some beautiful images in my mind, but then it will not be for more than 10 minutes or so,I turn around me & listen to the noise that coming from outside by police's cars riding fast & shouting "Staying a way from the road!!!", my beautiful pictures fell & disappeared & here I'm, in the same position!

Happiness for some people is to get money, or get new things, buying new stuff, changing their living place to bigger one, or having jobs or get married but, for Iraqis to have some peace;  when they put their heads on their pillows & fall asleep not to worry about tomorrow, or what will happen? It will get better or worse?


Violet's Pure Heart said...

we are Iraqis what can we do?

Mister Ghost said...

Hello Freedom and Violet,

We are Iraqis what can we do?

You would never (or very rarely) hear an American say that. ))) It's what I call the Inshallah syndrome: what will be, will be, it is as fate has decreed it, so how can I even hope to change things?

Truthfully, Violet there's not much you can do as a single person in present and future Iraq. It doesn't seem to be a society that encourages group interaction for the betterment of the whole, probably because so much value and emphasis is placed on the welfare of the family above all. I think Ali al Wardi discussed this or maybe it was Hanna Batatu.

And Iraq is likely to be similar to civil war Lebanon for many years to come, and it seems to serve as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. They fight it out indirectly in Iraq rather than confronting each other.

But it doesn't mean you shouldn't give it your best effort at trying to change things.

If you want my honest assessment, both of you are suffering from stress and weariness and both need a break from Iraq. )))

Violet, you should be going to college in the West.

Freedom, unfortunately the Middle East is no longer a place for Christians. Your path should be away from Iraq too, where you would be free of so many restrictions, and your family could eventually join you.

And LOL, we have our stresses here in the US too, and I certainly dream about being on a nice island in the Pacific with a 180 cm blond woman in a string bikini, eating crabs, drinking coconut milk and making whoopee under the moonlight. )))

Freedom said...

Hey all,

Dear Violet...

I think this phrase "We are Iraqis what can we do?" it is just an excuse for our mistakes, we must do something, Yes we are Iraqis, we should take actions, & not give up ,that is weakness in ourselves, we are capable to do more & improve our life & pass all these pending issues.

Mister Ghost,

Well, definitly you are right about Christians's situations in middle east , but we were first here on this country, this is our land too, as you know from the history of Iraq & Chaldean.

So, it seems that everyone needs "my dream Island":)

I'm joking, just being out of worries will be enough to live a healthy life, happy one!

Violet's Pure Heart said...
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