Friday, November 26, 2010

Christians Blood Is Flowing.

Victims of the last attack on Christians in Iraq were two brothers killed in a garage in Mosul.   They did not live in a particularly safe area of the city and wanted to move but could not afford to do so.  Now another Christian family destroyed, one of the brother's leaving behind a wife and two kids in high school, and now this family has two less men to protect and provide for them.

Christians now are divided, some are planing to leave, some wanting to stay & some moving to Kurdistan region, especially when Mr.Talabani suggested " Kurdistan is opened for Christians", of course that encourage Christians to move there.

I read in the news that Kurdistan will set up a new committe for Christians to look after their needs & offer for them a new residence & maybe new villages in Kurdistan region.

But, however, that will not solve the main problem, in my opinion, if all Christians will localize in North of Iraq, then the other area will be empty from Christians, so that means Iraq will divided to Shia in south of Iraq, Sunni in middle, Kurds, Christians & other minorities in north of Iraq, & when Iraq's divided to 3 parts, will get weak country, it is not like one unit.

Are the reasons of attacking Christians; political one more than religious one? or it is both of them?

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Mister Ghost said...

Hello Freedom,
Certainly religious persecution plays a great part in what is happening to the Christians in Iraq and in other locations in the Middle East. The Copts just had a big riot in Egypt over not being allowed to build a church.

Politically speaking: Who will benefit from the Christians vacating their premises in Northern Iraq for Kurdistan? The Kurds it would seem - they can take over the former Christian villages. In the Baghdad area, likely the Shia militias and various followers can move into the former Christian homes, as they did to some of the Sunni areas in the city.

What we see is an ethnic cleansing occurring and Iraq losing its diversity.

It would be better if the Christians heading for Kurdistan could relocate in the West. Honor killing and FGM are rampant in Kurdistan - it's safer than Northern Iraq, but beset by backwards traditions still. And the two main Kurdish parties run it like a Medieval fiefdom.