Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Child Bride & the Devil!

Loosing bodily part & getting new future.

After aggressive life, merciless, animal cruel treatment towards this young woman by her husband who is one of Taliban fighter, she was a victim of her father’s mistake because he killed one of Taliban fighter. It was kind of liquidation! & what was the price? Was this young woman married to such a terrorism criminal man belongs to Taliban groups who had beat her then cut her nose & her ears!!!! WHY???

-What kind of husband???
-Is he a human???
-Do you think; this is the good way to manage our life in that kind of human behavior & treat our women by this way???

It is tragedy by all means, it is humanity war; war against women in meddle-east...

Below; You can read more about this story of the worst horrible treatment against women in Afghanistan!

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