Sunday, June 27, 2010

Be Wise!

I would like to share this story to all women to be wise when they start any relationship whether that through internet or when you meet someone.

I know a story for a long time ago, which is a real story about a young woman got know a young man through the internet.

As a relationship between them she was happy that he will come & see her to which city she lived at, but they are in the same country, he promised her to come & see her & meet her family to engage her (they were ready to start a serious relationship to get married) & he send her a picture of his apartment & tell her he isn’t married.

Day after day she was waiting him to come & see her, but no answer from him and then she asked someone to go ask about him in his city.

After searching it shows that he was MARRIED & he has a CHILD & he was a manipulated cheater.

So, I thought to share this story with anyone who read it, to make sure about other side when you get involved in any relationship, try to ask as much as you can, get information about other side so you can avoid problems in the future then you will not blame yourself later & don’t just follow your heart & emotions, don’t absent your mind, Be wise!

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