Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Does We Want As Women?

On sunny lovely day, we had decided to eat outside the house, enjoying the weather, so we had gone to a beautiful big park, lots of green area, just like a rug under our feet, the smell amazing, the sun light reflected on the grass, given it a wonderful picture, when you have this composition you never feel bored, it is nature!

But, that wasn't all about, the park has a Soccer field, Tennis field, Bicycle’s race area, kids play yard, Basketball, Garden area that you can plant in, Dogs area so they can hang out with their people besides some food places like “take away” & bathrooms. While we had arrived there, we had noticed there was a soccer game, as Iraqi person I always like soccer, so we had decided to be close to soccer field & enjoy watching the game & the food together, as soon as looking to the players I had realized there were women with men playing together! Yes, playing together, as I know there is only a men team, or only women team, But seeing both women & men, that's really new for me to watch.

The point of this, even in the sports, just like soccer, it is equal, women & men as a team playing together, wearing short shorts with sport shoes; hitting the ball, that's what we need equality, & by the way those women were moms, Yes, & they brought their kids & babies to the field no wonder, it is like a family time & why not, let the people enjoy their life, can a women in middle east play soccer with men as one team like this in public parks?

What should we do? What we want as women? Being housewives, sitting at home, doing the daily housework nothing else or involve in the society, being active, play a roll in some part of the life, being a leader & Yes, why not?
Why we let the negative power controlling us? Why we let those ignoring people taking our life away, our moments, our abilities, our creativity.

Being a follower or being a leader?
Being equal or being second place?
They can’t control you, they can’t control me, we can’t control them, but we can control our lives by ourselves, planning & deciding what we want to be.

I think the first question that every woman should ask herself first, what I want to do in my life?


Violet's Pure Heart said...

sorry for the silly question ,but.. is this public park in Iraq ?

Freedom said...

Welcome you Violet's Pure Heart & Welcome to your questions anytime:)

No, it isn't in Iraq, it is in U.S.

Violet's Pure Heart said...

Yes, I was just wondering :)