Monday, June 7, 2010

Dealing With Facts!

For a long time ago I was talking with a friend, she is a young woman about 32 years old & she has a sister & brother living with their mother, she is working a boring job.
I was asking her why you just go & live your life, choose your own?
She replied me: Who will take care of my mother? I refused to live my own life because I realized I will fight just myself cause no one listened to me so, I gave up on many things like to be creative or to go forward to study or to raise my abilities in any field.
I asked her: Why?
She said: Simply, no one courage me no one support me, you are living in culture that make you so limited, where should I go -as she said- go to where especially I’m a woman? How can I go forward without support without help?
Then she added: It is easy for man goes anywhere, whatever he wants, chooses his life, travels, do this do that, no one will judge him & tell him what are you doing?
Then I told her but that’s very bad situation, you will wait for someone to knock at your house door & tell you I want to marry you? Even if that what you are wanting but, nowadays that becomes an old idea an old tradition women & men now they are choosing the person who they want to be with, to live with, they want like a love story they want to know each other well before getting married & you are waiting for who?
Someone who may come or may not? & maybe you will agree about him or maybe not? Waiting for unknown thing?
Sadly, there was no other fact just that one “Waiting for unknown thing”
That issue is one of many women living like that way “waiting” or “pending” their life pending though they have abilities, skills, they have their dreams, their ambitions.

Then at the end of our speech she told me with few words: Easily, I retired from going forward to achieve my dreams or fighting culture or society, fight for this & that because it is useless & going in the same circle no one will listen to you.

The question is WHY SHOULD WE GIVE UP?
Is this what we want? I guess NO.
Is this because we are women? I guess NO.
Is this because we are less than men? I guess NO.

There are many young women living like that & when you are hearing about women rights & equality with men & a little bit of freedom you say “Oh, everything is okay then” but, that’s far away from our culture I can tell it will be the same even after 20-30 years from now if not more because these things has taken from generation after generation nothing change it, no new mentalities broken this wrong traditions like no new knowledge about how women should be treated by men & by culture; how we look to the woman as a human being not object, how we look to the woman as an individual person but till now we have this mentality about women should be at home, women should be housewives, women should not given their freedom cause they will go out of control, women should be beaten, women should be salve, women should be second after the man, women are just objects, women just for amusing.

We are in 2010 while the whole world advancing we are still living in 1800s. I wonder how women treated in the west or how she could take most of her rights while the west countries had been lived through first & second World War?

I will leave the answer to you.

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